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A friend of mine searching for the green card lottery site (a free site by the US government) by mistake came across and added personal details (not credit card) including a phone number. She then on a daily basis received threating calls from this company saying that if she didn't give them her credit card details and paid them money for a green card application, they would make sure that she never would be able to enter the US and never be able to win a green card. We are going to file a complaint with the US Gov. internet scam div.

This is the worst type of company out there and anyone should be very careful in providing ANY type of information to them (including phone numbers and e-mails). BE AWARE!!!


  • Da
    Danna Smith- Sep 29, 2009

    We do not make threatening calls to any of the clients and we do can not and do not claim that we can prevent someone from entering the US now or in the future, We do call people that have register in our site and didn’t finish their application to see if we can help them finish it.

    If you want, you can send her details to my personal email and I will make sure she is removed from our data base and she will not get any more emails or phone calls from us.

    Danna Smith
    SEO and PR
    [email protected]

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  • Co
    coltonhuge Mar 22, 2010

    I can't believe it, no professional firm can afford to do that. USAFIS has helped one of my friend's family in processing their Green Card and they were lucky to have their name in the lottery. Today, all the family members are in USA. Regarding your problem, it seems like you are more interested in maligning the face of a reputed firm. No one can force you to pay. If at all it is happening with you, complain to the higher authorities of USAFIS, I am sure no professional company can let these things happen for long.

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  • Th
    Thun Thun Gopal Dec 18, 2019

    @coltonhuge You seem to be a USAFIS runner. Aren't you?

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  • Pe
    Peeeved Jun 01, 2010

    Where there is smoke there must be a fire! I have read through countless complaints and must agree there must be something wrong with USAFIS or they dont know how to satify their "customers" (actually the people they are legally allowed by the US government to rip off). If there are so many satisfied people who have used the services of USAFIS then they are mighty quiet about it - I wonder if they are just to embarassed to admit that they were ripped-off by professional e- and tele-scammers!

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  • Pa
    Patrick Frink Jun 02, 2010

    Well saying they made threatening calls is wrong. They must have tried to insist you like any other tele callers. But being a professional company it is not possible that company can really afford to deal in such a manner. This can affect their market. I don't believe it... you can register your complaint, send them a mail stating all the grievances you have. Also, there are some forge calls being made on the name of USAFIS just to malign their name.

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  • Pe
    Peeeved Jun 10, 2010

    Important Notice

    No fee is charged for the electronic lottery entry in the annual DV program. The U.S. Government employs no outside consultants or private services to operate the DV program. Any intermediaries or others who offer assistance to prepare DV entries do so without the authority or consent of the U.S. Government. Use of any outside intermediary or assistance to prepare a DV entry is entirely at the entrant’s discretion.

    The Department of State strongly encourages applicants to complete the application without the assistance of “Visa Consultants, ” “Visa Agents, ” or other individuals who offer to submit an application on behalf of applicants. In many cases, these facilitators substitute their address for an applicant’s address and thereby receive the selection notification instead of it being received by the actual applicant. Subsequently, the visa facilitators extort money from the selectees in order to receive the notification information that should rightly have gone directly to the DV selectee.

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  • Fr
    frustratedguy Jun 25, 2010

    my brother did fill his information in sept09, then he got call from some f... guy telling him they will help him in australlia immigration and asked to pay some 560 euroes to process his application.then he used my cc to pay them .then next day he phoned them to ask someting and been told by a lady that it(payment )was for solicitor checking his papers etc., which my brother said he will get it done from uk not more than 100 pounds so please i dnt want to proceed, just refund my money coz i was told by guy that it is processing fee not solicitor fee.she said my manager will call you tomarrow about refund.then next day one f... lady foned who cant even speak english herself said its the 4 cds and one grammer book you have paid for and it is not refundable.i am really very upset about this f... ripoff fee like killing that sorry about these words i think you can understand how angry and pissed off i am.this is my hard earned money .dnt know what to do now, but suggest everybody to stay away from these sites and if you find those [censor] by anychance just ...them

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  • Fr
    Frank201 Jul 16, 2010

    They did call me to and told me that i have won the lottery.. So they told me to send me papers for the embacy.. But first i had to pay 500euro to send me the papers... And I recieved a cdrom "learn a language" I feel terrible.. They stole my money!! You can by this stupid cdrom for 5 euro where are my other 495 euros!!??.. Thiefs!

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  • An
    AndreasT Nov 09, 2010

    I have been an idiot, beliving that all websites ending with ' . org ' were official sites from the American government, so I left my name and phonenumber to '' and got some days later a telefhone call from ' usafis ' telling me that I had won the lottery. They needed som information included my Visa-card number to charge me € 799, but then I would get back $ 1.000 when leaving to the USA. The next morning i regretted and wrote to them, but the money had disappered from my account. No connections to 'usafis' later has led to anything but phonecalls from them. They don't want to write e-mais which I asked for.
    And it is quite clear that there will be no refund.

    Being such a fool I don't want to make more fuzz about this but only warn people to stay clear USAFIS in any relationship.

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  • Michael Kobyashov Dec 02, 2010

    why such respectable site such as has advertisement of such fraud site as! it is inconceivable!

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  • Da
    Dana Dec 06, 2010

    Hi Michael,

    As the owners and the operators of USAFIS web site, we wish to furnish you with some significant details concerning USAFIS:
    1. USAFIS ensures its clients that their application to the U.S.
    Diversity Visa Green Card program (DV) meets all the requirements outlined by the U.S. State Department before it is submitted.
    2. USAFIS services include data inspection, correct completion of the application form, scanning of applicant’s photos and submission of the application in a timely manner.
    3. USAFIS does not charge its clients for registering to the DV (, but only for its application inspection service.
    5. USAFIS prides itself for helping hundreds of thousands of people with their application to qualify for the Green Card Lottery program.
    6. Our guarantee is that our customers’ application will qualify for the Green Card Lottery program and nothing else.

    Dana Smith
    [email protected]

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  • Al
    alarmedcitizen Jan 17, 2011

    they are terrible. I ( by mistake) filled the registry form there but did not filled gave them any credit card number and later I asked them to remove me from their list and now they sent me a fake email that I have won the US green card lottery and I have to pay them 450 $ for my application fee to an agent in UK? pffff I am not going to pay them a shackle and if they continue to send me emails or give me phone calls I will make a formal complain about them as well.

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  • Bi
    binke Jan 30, 2011

    I got this email from USAFIS saying that I have won a green card lottery for the US. Is this a scam.

    We wish to notify you that you have been selected as one of the Diversity Visa (DV) Program winner for receiving a United States
    Permanent Resident Card. It is also known as the Green Card Lottery. The lottery has been administered on an annual basis
    by the Department of State and conducted under the terms of Section 203(c) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA).
    Section 131 of the Immigration Act of 1990 (Pub. L. 101-649) amended INA 203 to provide for a new class of immigrants known
    as "diversity immigrants" (DV immigrants).
    As part of the agreement we will issue A FREE Airline ticket from your country to the USA to claim your Green Card under
    the American Green Card Lottery Program. The ticket will be sent via post mail at your address registered with us once your visa
    will be remitted by the U.S department of State.
    The U.S Department of State will should contact you soon with visa processing information and how to proceed further.

    If you have any question regarding the visa please contact the U.S Department of State directly as we do not have any competency to discuss further details with you.
    What should you do now ?
    Wait for the U.S Department of State to contact you and give you the information about visa processing and how to proceed further .

    Best regards,
    Costumer Service Team

    The USAFIS Organization

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  • Ha
    hanzel Feb 04, 2011

    somebody mail me about this greed card... he said i need to pay $857 to process my greed card program that he said and like the other said the mail come from this [email protected] this website

    The fees must be paid using Western Union money transfer and will be processed by the U.S. embassy in the United Kingdom.
    Western Union is a leading provider of International person-to-person money transfer. With more than 150 years experience and 245, 000 Agent locations in over 200 countries and territories, Western Union is recognized for sending money quickly, reliably, and safety.
    You can send the payment in U.S. dollars or equivalent of your local currency.

    Click on the following link to find the nearest Western Union agency and send the fees payment :
    Find Western Union Agency
    If you are unable to find a Western Union agency near your location, you may ask a relative or friend to pay the fee on your behalf.

    After you find a Western Union agency you need to go with cash money, an identity card(e.g passport or national identity card) and send the payment to the U.S. embassy agent address in United Kingdom:

    Name : David Nettle
    Address: 24 Grosvenor Square
    London, W1A 2LQ
    United Kingdom

    The payment must be sent to the above U.S. embassy agent address in United Kingdom because the U.S. Government decided this based on the diplomatic relations with your country.

    After you send the payment follow the next steps :
    a) Email copy/scan of the Western Union receipt at [email protected]
    b) Email at [email protected] with the following details (you can find them on the money transfer receipt):

    1) Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN):
    2) Exact sender's name on file with Western Union:
    3) Exact sender's address on file with Western Union:
    4) Exact receiver's name on file with Western Union:
    5) Amount sent:

    Then wait for the confirmation that the payment was received.

    Within 72 hours, you will receive a confirmation via email with your Case Number/Confirmation Number and exact date and time(approx. 2 days) of the final interview. Upon successful interview you will receive your documents and travel information to move in the United States. Under no circumstances the interview won't deny your visa.

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  • Ha
    HannesLinde Feb 04, 2011

    I received the exact same email. Looks a bit dodgy, shortly afterwards I received an email from "The department of state" but you are not allowed to contact them for your confirmation number!??
    A bit fishy to me.
    I think a genuine winning must be notified via post, and you still have to go for an interview at your local USA embassy before you are approved in any case

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  • Am
    amado007 Feb 08, 2011

    i received that same exact email too, and i don't know what to do now, i feel very stupid that i already believe in them and i did pay money too, ?!!!

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  • El
    Elle73 Feb 16, 2011

    USAFIS is getting moneyfor something (getting VISA)what its free if you do it on your own directly in the Goberment web site. As far as I read about them it seems they do it for real (at least it worked for some people who got it) but they manage your data and the apply on behalf of you. If you regret and you decide to apply on your own they dont let you go and they keep applying on your name with It makes impossible you apply on your own because you will be applying twice and your aplication will be cancelled. But there is something else... there is somebody hackering USAFIS forms and they inform you win the green card but they ask you 890$ in exchange, plus a flight ticket, an accomodation place for 3 months, a health insurance for one year and a work related to your profesion. USAFIS is warning about this is happening, then there is still a chance for them... maybe they are not the ones who makes people send 890$...

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  • Ne
    nevzat Feb 17, 2011

    nevzat rrota
    [email protected]

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  • Ne
    nevzat Feb 17, 2011

    To [email protected]
    A friend of mine paid 500 E for 4 years, this is a amall ammount for you?
    Wanted to convince me but I am sure it is a scam!

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  • Sa
    samax Mar 04, 2011

    I entered the DV lottery last year and just got a msg from ("U.S. Department of State" <[email protected]>) telling me to pay $88O by 8th March or I'll be disqualified from getting a visa.
    Want to know how true this is?

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  • Zu
    zukky Mar 18, 2011

    USAFIS is running fraudulent business knowing how to avoid legal penalty.

    If anyone who has become the victim of the USAFIS, you may report to Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) | Home:
    This is a crime report site for FBI. Make sure the authorities know what USAFIS is doing.

    Also, there is a very helpful facebook account for USAFIS victims. The account name is "Victims of".
    Please spread the information about the USAFIS, and lets stop
    this crime.

    Furthermore, there are new scam email sent out recently under the email address of " @".
    This email will say that you have won the green card lottery
    and then that the winner will need to pay money to Western Union Bank in UK.
    This is also a scam originating from USAFIS.

    I my self am a victim of USAFIS. I intentionally wrote wrong phone number at USAFIS account after the phone harassment by USAFIS.
    Then, I have received email from @ this February.
    This email recites my wrong phone number so I know that
    this scam under the email of @ comes from USAFIS.

    People, the personal information has been used by USAFIS to another scam.
    Dana Smith, you apper every where on internet trying to justify USAFIS.
    Your organization may be legal (barely), but it is not a honest organization. Your organization including you are hypocrites! SHAME ON YOU!

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  • [email protected] Mar 21, 2011

    It seems you have not read our Consumer Fraud Alert ( that says there are companies posing as USAFIS that are scamming people. We have done our best to inform our client base as well as the internet/blog worlds the differences between an authentic USAFIS email and the scammers. The very email you have quoted in your post is indeed a company posing as USAFIS.

    USAFIS makes is very clear on their website the services we provide. At no time do we mislead our clients. We only send emails to the people who have signed up with us.

    I encourage you to visit our website as well as our Consumer Fraud Alert before throwing out accusations that are just false and have violated defamation of character law. It seems you have had a bad experience with USAFIS. If there is a way to rectify this matter, it would be our pleasure to service you. However, at the same time, this does not give you the right to start posting on the web bogus allegations by claiming our company is involved in fraud.


    Dave Richards
    [email protected]

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  • Th
    Thun Thun Gopal Dec 18, 2019

    @[email protected] hahahahaha. nice try

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  • Zu
    Zuuky Mar 30, 2011

    Yeah, right. Dave, it must be so stressful to work for usafis, since the reputation of usafis is so malicious.
    As I already said, I intentionally wrote down a wrong phone number on your website. Then, when I received email from this " @", the wrong phone number of mine which I only wrote down on website was written down in this email as my contact number.
    How do you explain that? How did "companies posing as USAFIS that are scamming people" get my wrong phone No. which I wrote only to Usafis website.
    It is either Usafis is the one sending out the @ email. Or, if not, the personal info has leaked out from usafis database. This is a serious privacy breach. The people who has been participated in usafis "services" is in danger of identity theft.
    I have also reported this situation to IC3 as well.

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  • Da
    davpag Jul 01, 2011

    Can the US government not stop these people from ripping peoples hard earned pay???

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  • Ni
    Niyah Jul 22, 2011

    Yeh they got me 3 years ago when I was 17 years old and they Got me yes2day for 49 euros after the agent I was speaking too transfered me ato a manager as soon as I raised my suspicions about them being fradualant, .the money was suppose to be for then to send me a notification email that I havent recieved as yet since i refused to pay 520 euro for some sort of packet..They told me that i won a usa green card in the dv lottery.Cant believe they got me twice.The government in the USA must try to stop this company its terrible.

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  • Da
    David Marick Sep 11, 2011

    usafis org is a very professional immigration consultancy org with very professional sales techniques... they are 100 percent legit. There is no ripping off. There has been a fraud org using usafiss name and have accessed their database. I have received this email as well and obviously didnt fwrd any funds to a "david nettle". Logic says that if i have won a gc i would, if at all, fwd money to the us, and not to the uk.
    I am proud to say that i work for, and i even sleep well at night.

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  • Gr
    Gregory_Sv Dec 19, 2011

    This site is a fraud! They keep on calling me like everyday a couple of times, it's so annoying :( Anyways, Poland can't apply for Green Cards so how can I pay for it, if I can't even apply for one? Is it a fraud, then? Fortunately, my bank, by default, rejects such transactions so I was lucky not to have paid for it.

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  • An
    Anissa.1 Feb 28, 2012

    they asked me 530 euros yesterday, it was a man called Daniel Schwarz. They asked for my card details and I said them: this seems too beautiful to be true and I said that I suspect this situation for being a fraud and Daniel maid me speak with the manager, Maya something and she seemed pissed off and she wouldn't say the word that she is calling in the name of the government if it wasn't true. And at the end I decided to give them my credit card number as I didn't have any money on the card. It is obvious that is a fraud cuz they couldn't stop asking - so when will you put the money in the card? And the other thing they called me with a number which was a New York number, and this Daniel had a British accent but when i called back the guy was surprized that I receive a call from that number. Weird thing. the number was +1 646 8736178
    i DON'T KNOW if it does exist a true USAFIS but in my case I am sure it was a fraud

    I am gonna have to change my card, but THIS IS A FRAUD

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  • Vi
    Vio78 Apr 17, 2013

    Where can I put a complain for USAFIS? they just tried to scam me for my money.

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  • An
    ANTISCAM TEAM Jul 10, 2014


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  • Ne
    Nebbs Aug 27, 2014

    I have a personal experience with USFIS, where my Spouse applied with them for the family lottery GC. Later on I was surfing something through their website & might have filled an inquiry, not sure, but definitely I have put my phone number as they have contacted me later telling me what the company can do & asking me lots of questions about myself, family, income, education, etc.., Basically all questions that might give them an idea if I can be a eligible to immigrate or not "I assume"

    As we speak after probably 10 minutes of talking I told the rep that I have already applied for the Lottery GC through my spouse & here where he went mad, asking so what is the reason of our talking, why didn't you tell me that you have already applied, why & Why.. I tried to give him ### on the otherhand as he is Mr. Talker not me, he is the one started to shoot questions without even asking if I ever applied or not. I was under impression that the company have different services to provide rather than processing application for the GC & that's why I was surfing their website filling the introductory. I kept answering his damn questions assuming he will tell me some options to immigrate to US or might be different options to Canada or Australia... I complained harshly about his rudeness.

    He then got me his supervisor, which she was as mad as him assuring me that dear Mr. XX We're sorry & USFIS will never call you back.. in a real unfriendly way & rude way...

    Conclusion... So although threatening phone calls sounds to be difficult for me to absorb or believe. I'm pretty sure that have some immature employees that can go over the board or might be some work from home persons who don't give a ### of liabilities so they may behave on a wrong way...

    Also it seems (My assumption) the USFIS are application money collectors & that have nothing to do than selling as much as they can of the lottery application & it's all about picking up the money at the start... Example the first step while you try to apply even now is asking for yr credit card details.. Before nothing & ask you to accept the terms & conditions... Try it if you dont believe.

    Such organization might be very tiny without a real structure & run by working from home house wives or jobless, or else working (under beer essellem)

    Not to blow yr imaginations out. I believe but not sure if the same USFIS or not I have paid 1400 $ over the phone for an assessment to Canada & probably discussion about Australia with application process that I have stopped it later, not being interested to go to Australia... Before I get to know that USFIS is mostly the same company doing the Australia & cost me 1400$ for nothing... Again I'm not sure of the link but this what I was told...

    Good luck

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  • Fe
    Festerer Aug 27, 2014

    Check it out ... You think it's FESTER. ???

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  • Fr
    freakez Sep 19, 2014

    A lady called today at 1300hrs claiming to be Monique smith only to find out the she has many names like Dana smith ..what I don't understand is why she said I should contact her in her personal email address ..!? Unfortunate for her I gave her my credit card number knowing well it has no cash ..only for her to confirm to me that it has no cash and I should debit my card for them to complete my process ..thank you guys for your help for the Thompson and Thompson, try it and see for yourself ..

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  • Da
    David Glibo Oct 09, 2014

    I recently registered my interest in a green card to usa. I did get a call back from one of USAFIS employees. But once I said i want to investigate the company as I was recently been ripped off by an overseas company, the employee tried her hardest to get me to give my credit card details over the phone. I tried to explain to her that I needed 1 week only but she kept making excuses that this deal will run out and she will need an answer now even told me that they have a special relationship with VISA etc etc I ended up hanging up on her. Anyone that tries to pressure you into buying anything right then and there usually means its a scam. I bet 1 in 100 who pay for the green card actually get it!
    My partner in Texas, Houston looked into this company and said to me don't use them they have a lot of negative feedback.

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  • Il
    Ill Oct 01, 2015

    I'm so stupid to fall for tis scam n for not Google tis earlier! D minute I filled up my applications for tat one single registry $29 a lady called me n try to convince me to pay $49 for four years.I told her no cos I'm single n I may hv other plans in these four years.d next day a guy called he spoke with a Filipino accent n his name isRyan Thomas n head manager in usafis. He wanted me to pay USD $1500 for lawyers n processing fees. After hearing tat I became suspicious n hang up on him! Ever since I've received phone calls almost daily. I know my money which I've paid tru my debit card is gone!
    Just so foolish of me!

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  • Re
    Reviewer20557 Oct 11, 2015

    i am Egyptian and was filling a form to win a usa visa with usafis Suddenly de web page disappeared after I made the payment of usa 1543 $ I want to disregard and cancel this charge because it is a fraud my name Fahim elfeky [email protected]

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  • Oz
    ozdemir Oct 29, 2015

    USAFIS organızation is not honest against to clients. They are look friendly and so nice before you say 'YES' to pay for application. And then everything goes away. Unfortunately, I am also fraud by them to be VIP client. And for this year lottery, I uploaded my photo to their webpage, it is still reviewing by their EXPERTs!!! There are a few days remain to DV 2017, but they are still not done. Anybody knows If I miss DV 2017 because of this reckless company, where I can complain about them? At the last stand, I am going to take them to court.

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  • Ra
    Razzzz Nov 12, 2015

    Like everyone else I was stupid and apply with them. After 1 year I asked them nice to cancel my application because I want to apply by myself .I call them a few times and finally they send me an email cancellation on October 28 so I apply by myself . Now guess what, today they send me an email and told me that my application is submitted.Are you serious???? What a scam ... The worst service everrrrrrrrr now looks like I have 2 applications so probably I will be disqualified

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  • Su
    Suntali Jun 08, 2016

    Usafis is one of the fraud company who just take the money and does nothing, i applied for EDV thorough this company just took money for 10 years but result is nothing, never response to me about my result. Be aware with this, they are such a scam ...

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  • Mo
    Moustafa Mezher Sep 12, 2016

    They just called me.. and asked me for cc. i was out with my wife having lunch and i said i have cc but not available with me now.. it is at home and i am in the restaurant now.. she said give me your wife credit card.. i said can i know how much i should pay you? she said no you cant. and she started talking to me in very bossy way like she is giving me my salary and when i said even if i have my credit card i will not pay now until i am sure who u are coz i have applied to many other online websites and am not sure who are you... she said we are not playing and you can google us now. and if you dont pay now i will have to remove you from our system and i am not aure if you will be able to apply again.. i googled them and yes they are fraud

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  • Za
    zama2016 Sep 13, 2016


    I am disappointed with USAFIS service!!

    I have received the following false statement in my email after a phone conversation by USAFIS’s personnel today: “During our conversation you stated your wish to complete the payment on your own using Credit Card”. I did not say anything like that!!!

    For now, please do not submit any application on behalf of me or my wife to U.S. Lottery program this year or any time in future. Immediately, please make sure my application and credit card credentials and/or any other details are totally removed from your data base and I do not get any more emails or phone calls from you.
    +1-646-755-6003 (This number in their website is now not in service)

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