USAFIS Organization Complaints & Reviews

USAFIS Organization / eb-2 visa services fee

Jun 27, 2019

I registered for the USAFIS visa service in their website almost a week ago. I paid around 10 dollars. I was contacted at 3:00 this after by the USAFIS agent named Shelly Jones. I was delighted to hear after giving some personal information that I was qualified to get a US visa, EB-2 visa...

[Resolved] USAFIS Organization / they are fraud / green card scam

May 01, 2019

Nearly 3 months ago I took a call from usafis at 04:20 night time. On this call they told me that they are providing reviewing services for the diversity visa lottery program and the guy on phone was talking too fastly. I was thinking to apply for dv lottery program but I did not have any...

USAFIS Organization / green card lottery scam

Mar 28, 2019

They ask for 15$ online fee I thought ok why not I paid it, then they call and call and call they want 1843$ now... Wow and they are persuasive, they make it as if they are checking ur info in order to submit your application and they steal you! Thieves and robbers! Don't pay anything... / green card lottery scam

Feb 18, 2019 is scam, they call me on daily basis, the also asked for my credit card, the last time they were so rude, they threatened me, I dont remember registering at their website, they collect data from linkedin or wherever, I want to report them, they sent me an email once and I tried...

USAFIS Organization / green card lottery

Feb 09, 2019

I received an email from usafis soliciting for people to use their services for a green card visa lottery. I applied and paid them usd15.00 for the application and on the 20/02/2019, I received a call from usafis and through which their employee allegedly claimed that he needed to confirm...

[Resolved] USAFIS Organization / green card lottery

Jan 08, 2019

They took my money from my debit card without my approval... I was gonna pay with another card which was not with me at that time and think about that also told them I have debit card but there is no balance for 500 USD but they said they need it only for registration and bank will decline...

USAFIS / fake way to collect money through lying to appliers.; fraud services

Jan 02, 2019

I received a call from a USAFIS representant laying to me saying that my file was selected by USA government to have the green card after a consular process. She explained all the following process and said I must present a consular interview in my country and later at any city where they...

USAFIS Organization / fraud services

Dec 30, 2018

Take this as a serious advise. This is a fraudulent organization that takes your money saying you were selected by USA green card lottery to take your money and it's not true. I was called by an USAFIS's representative on Dec. 22, 2018 telling me that my file was selected by USA government...

USAFIS Organization / green card lottery scam

Nov 08, 2018

I just had a 3 way call with USAFIS and my sister who is in Zimbabwe. I paid $15 for her application to be processed and today they called her demanding that she pays $1500 for the green card lottery application to be processed and checked by a lawyer. I asked this woman why this is not...

USAFIS Immigration Services [email protected] / took money from my credit card

Sep 27, 2018

Steal my Credit Card I got an email from USAFIS Immigration Services [email protected] on Sep11, 2018. Part of the email mentioned that: We are proud to inform you that your birth country has been selected to participate in the next Green Card Lottery Program! I click the icon APPLY...

USAFIS Organization / unauthorized credit card charges

Aug 15, 2018

usafis deducted/stolen my money 1545 USD without sending any information to me. I already sent the email of my request for refunding to usafis organization with my desirable resolution and email responded to me that one of their agents would contact me to assist properly of my request but...

USAFIS Organization / green card lottery entry scam

Apr 24, 2018

I did apply the us green card visa lottery entry process on, 15th April, 2018. with a fee paid $36.00, and instant receipt was issue to me, with (ID: 149827172) and I accordingly filled the online required application form's with my personal details that includes my visa card details. On...

USAFIS / fraud thieves

Mar 07, 2018

I got a call from usafis organization and one guy called farid convinced me that they will do all legal and lawyer services to help me with the US embassy to get a green card and didn't say anything about any lottery program or so. They asked me to pay $1.790.00 in full and i did after i...

USAFIS / green card lottery

Feb 22, 2018

They said I should pay $560 first in order to apply for green card lottery during a period of 5 consecutive years. They said I don't need to do anything else. Then they called again and ask for $1650 in order to finalize my application. I transfer the money. A month later, they called...

USAFIS / fake company that steal your card information

Feb 15, 2018

When I was talking with my friends about the green card lottery, the couple sat next to us interrupted us and said that they won the lottery through this company, USAFIS. Without second thought, I believed this couple and input my debt card information to pay and subscribe their service...

USAFIS / they called me to offer one product but charged for something different

Jan 25, 2018

They are not serious, when they want to contact you to offer a product and get money from you they will insist to the end, but when you realize that you paid for something totally different and want to make a claim they never answer. Most recently, they contacted me to inform me that a new...

USAFIS / lottery

Dec 10, 2017

My wife has paid and cancelled the request before even the application was created and the this company does not want to refund some of the money we paid, we wasted lots of time to try to reach them but once they sell you something they disappear. we are ok with them deducting 20% as a...

[Resolved] USAFIS / application for us green card lottery

Sep 15, 2017

On the 3rd of Sept 2017, I registered online from an advert to enter into a US Green card lottery. On the 5th of Sept 2017, a officer by the name of David Elias ([email protected]) called me & followed on my application. He assured me that this is an application with definitely a chance...

USAFIS / unauthorized charge to debit card

Jul 31, 2017

July 29 and 30, 2017 on a charge of $ 2, 495 for a Usafis service through Mario Miller, Senior Manager of USAFIS, under PHONE DECEPTION, as he told me that: "I was receiving a phone call that few immigrants Received for the advance of my processing since 2006, "and it turned out to be a...

USAFIS Spa / dirty rooms and unsatisfied staff

Jun 21, 2017

For those who do not know, USAFIS SPA is a boutique spa in Miami. We arrived there after a long flight. We waited an hour or so past the CHECK IN time to get the rooms and when we got the keys we were horrified to discover the dirty rooms of the spa. The massage beds were dirty and the...

USAFIS Spa / unsatisfied service

Apr 09, 2017

USAFIS Spa is a new boutique spa in Miami, FL. Last week I was there with my wife for her birthday and honestly, we've never had a bad experience like that. We booked for an hour massage and a breakfast, and the moment we arrived we found out that no one in the reception doesn't speak...

[Resolved] USAFIS / unauthorized credit card charges

Dec 07, 2016

----- Original Message ----- From: Piret Emily Hion [mailto:[email protected]] To: [email protected] Sent: Mon, 5 Dec 2016 17:23:23 +0200 Subject: Re: GC Application User Number: 111614376 I declined USAFIS Green Card services, telemarketed by phone earlier in the day, in...

USAFIS / visa lottery

Aug 21, 2016

I want to tell my experience with USAFIS. My application number is 158215312. USAFIS without my consent deducted from my account the sum of $ 701. I feel robbed and stripped of my savings. Money I saved with great sacrifice to seek a new future. Now they say they had told me that they will...

USAFIS Hotel / no reservation was made

Aug 21, 2016

Usafis hotel is a new small hotel in Rochester, NY. I had some business meetings there and I heard about this hotel from a friend. I booked 3 nights in the hotel via phone call, but when I arrived at 21/07/2016, they told me there is no reservation with my name. After my discussion with the...

USAFIS / complain

Feb 14, 2016

Hi Danas I signed up with USAFIS a few days ago. I was fully informed that the service was in the form of assistance only and not a Green Card guarantee. It was clearly explained to me that the Green Card Lottery is not guaranteed by USAFIS. I asked if I can cancel to Usafis service and she...

USAFIS Organisation / scam

Feb 11, 2016

I signed up with USAFIS a few days ago. I was fully informed that the service was in the form of assistance only and not a Green Card guarantee. It was clearly explained to me that the Green Card Lottery is not guaranteed by USAFIS. and inform me tha application cancel to Usafis service and...

USAFIS / green card lottery program

Sep 27, 2015

Some year ago, I had entered for the US Green Cart lottery program. Today, after several years, I've been contacted by a very kind person asking me if I was still interested in the program. To make a long story short, the person asked for some personal information and then informed me that...

USAFIS / diversity visa submission fail

May 05, 2015

For the second year in a row, USAFIS has made mistakes on our Diversity Visa application (also know as the Green Card Lottery), enough to disqualify our application. Last year we requested a refund because of this, which was ignored even though we were within our rights to request it, in... / scam

May 03, 2015

I have been contact a company called usafis for greencard application. They have provide me a 10 years application which cost me 842 euro. I have called and ask refund for the service which I didnt take. They were saying that they can only refund %20 of the fee. They have mentioned that they...

USAFIS / they stool my money without permission present they self as governmental organization

Nov 15, 2013

I am egyptian working in saudia arabia and i visited a web site for immigration 10 dayes ago and the next day at 5/ 11/2013 i recived a call from the company and the agent convinced me as she is governmental abd work for the usa immigration and this year if i entered the lottary i have big...

USAFIS / misrepresentation

Apr 21, 2013

USAFIS was contracted to submit my entry for the USA Diversity Visa each year for ten years. I was selected for the 2013 but USAFIS failed to submit all my family members. I have printed proof of all four family members yet USAFIS only sent three applications. I was told on the day of my...

USAFIS / payment of fees

Feb 24, 2013

I applied for a green card application. They've asked my to pay for my application, but i haven't got money on my account. I was told that I have 6 months to pay. So they asked me to pay by VISA Card, and they automatically charged me for my application. I would like my money...

USAFIS / scam for green card lottery

Jun 11, 2012

I was phoned after aborting a half filled in form by USAFIS for entering the green card lottery and then was given false information and lied to in order cajole me into paying for a green card entry - I have not filled in any form nor have I issued a photo to them - they are fraudlant and...

USAFIS Green Card Program / 2012 visa lottery apllication

May 31, 2012

Dear Si, I come with this complaint against the USAFIS green card program, through which i had the right of renewal of my application for green card lottery 2012 due to the 10 years application in this program that I was charged in advance in 2010.I paid the entire amount required to be paid... / green card lottery fraud

Mar 06, 2012

Attention to this organization Their strategy: 1 - They contact us by phone 2 - They present themselves as "the official department of the green cards" 3 - They make you believe that you won 4 - You must pay a fee !!! They call personnnes in all countries Be careful

USAFIS / greencard

Dec 31, 2011

I am thulasyammal ramiah pillai, a malaysian, female applicant for the Green card ac. No.124317868. I submitted on 11-16-2008 for the prog. Year 2010 green card. I. D. Was recorded to confirm my registration as To date I have not received any information as to my status and...

USAFIS / repayment

Oct 22, 2011

I applied for a green card application. They've asked my to pay for my application, but i haven't got money on my account. I was told that I have 6 months to pay. As soon as my friend debited money on my account USAFIS automatically charged me for my application. I would like my... / without concern collect my m

Jul 02, 2011

Dear, This is tanvir from Uk, in 30th June 11 Jane call me at 10:40 am, and this time I was sleeping but after get the ring I wakeup then Jane say some of my processing for green card but that moment she also be offer me to get 10yrs process fee for green card but I doesn't understand her...

USAFIS Organization / diversity visa (dv) winner

Jun 28, 2011

My name is Makhmood Hussain Mobil No:- 00966508749830 P.O.Box:- 13357 Postal Code:- 51493 Buridah K.S.A As per I got mail from [email protected] Dated 8/02/2011 that i have been selected as one of the Diversity Visa (DV) program winner for receiving a United States permanent Resident...

USAFIS / payment rejection

Jun 19, 2011

i was filling a form to win a usa visa with usafis Suddenly de web page disappeared after I made the payment of usa 125.= I want to disregard and cancel this charge because it is a fraud my name is jose enrique sternberg repeat jose enrique sternberg email adress [email protected]