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told them to cancel my registration and refund my money. but will not do so. they keep trying to offer discounts and say they will upgrade me or some ###. they are just a scammers, ripping off innocent
hard working people


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    Toshiyuki Iguchi Oct 27, 2008

    They have betrayed me about money back.They have sent me a email regarding they will refund money within 5 days but they simply have disappeared.No more phone calls, no more emails.
    If you fight tough(they are really tough).
    They disappears.That's all about them.

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    steve Oct 30, 2008

    listen, its a real company i just don't get you. people talking about "not winning" when they don't get that its a lottery!!!
    not everybody wins!!! and if you want to be every year then pay for 10 years or so or just every year go to the state department website.
    so you guys need to realize 2 things :
    1) its' a lottery so don't expect to win on the first year
    2)you have to fill the detaild in the application. i know many people that leaves it empty and expect to win ...

    peace :)

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    er3 Jul 22, 2009

    wow not being an idiot fail, also i love the usafis advert directly underneath the complaint

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    saunderscolin1 Feb 10, 2010

    USAFIS is real and NOT SCAM...
    It is registered with US Government and has been operating since more than a decade. Do you really think you can fool anyone for so long and still exist as a company. Company helped thousands of aspirants get Green Card, our services has helped people in many ways. There is no way any one can force you to give money. We never say that you will surely get a Green Card as it is a lottery process and lucky one get those. But we ensure that your application get selected for the Diversity Visa Lottery Program. And we charge a small fees for this.

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    stickkeith Feb 15, 2010

    The USAFIS organization has more than 8 years of professional experience in providing services for the American DV lottery program. Hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers have chosen USAFIS and thousands of customers win the lottery every year. See the ‘Winners Testimonials’ section on the website The USAFIS organization offers 24/7 customer service with many, multi-lingual representatives who will be happy to offer online information and support either by e-mail or by phone.

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    PissedOffConsumer85 Apr 21, 2010

    I also recently paid EUR 547 for a four year subscription to USAFIS thinking that they were the official Green Card lottery organization. They now refuse to give me a refund, and offered me a 20% discount instead.

    If I had known that they aren't the official Green Card agency and / or that the official program is free of charge, I would never have paid for their "service".

    If they were a legitimate business they would surely give refunds for their product, if their customers feel that they have been scammed!!

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    Fairplaylover May 20, 2010

    I have seen in this forum many complaints about USAFIS, along with many answers that really seem coming from USAFIS itself.

    To me, having tried BUT NEVER PAID (and not going to, why should I?) anything to this company (seemingly a registered one, apparently in Israel, and perhaps in the U.S. (maybe Delaware?)), the pieces of advice I would give here are:

    - Before rushing into such a company, rush first into the core service information desk, which is the (official) USCIS and NO UNAFIS. Check here all the information:

    - If your English is not such a good ally right now (but remember that speaking American English is a must for getting your GC!), you can find some brochures written in other languages in the middle of this (official) page: (

    - But, why pay for a so-called service for a mere lottery game? Do you really believe in horse-shoes and other yummy ones? Lottery is lottery. Nothing else. Sollicitors who claim they are going to manage and help you to be chosen can, in fact, do nothing heuristic here, or the whole lottery system would be completely cheat.

    - As a matter of fact, thinking this way is rather insulting for all the Americans working in the U.S. Consulates, who do they best to help people in need (tough job); and insulting for the country you are trying to work in... A very bad start, indeed!

    - I saw also some answers claiming UNAFIS is official and recommended by the U.S. Gov. Really? Just have a look in the (official) USCIS links concerning the green card procedure, to check this assertion, and you will very easily make sure that it is wrong and false: no UNAFIS mentionned, nowhere. As the USCIS, as an official department to the U.S. Government, does NOT recommend any UNAFIS or other in-between company.

    - Finally, I saw also that the registrations for the lottery are now closed ( sorry chaps! Better wait and invest your good money in fruitful and better famed companies.

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    Peeeved Jun 10, 2010

    Important Notice

    No fee is charged for the electronic lottery entry in the annual DV program. The U.S. Government employs no outside consultants or private services to operate the DV program. Any intermediaries or others who offer assistance to prepare DV entries do so without the authority or consent of the U.S. Government. Use of any outside intermediary or assistance to prepare a DV entry is entirely at the entrant’s discretion.

    The Department of State strongly encourages applicants to complete the application without the assistance of “Visa Consultants, ” “Visa Agents, ” or other individuals who offer to submit an application on behalf of applicants. In many cases, these facilitators substitute their address for an applicant’s address and thereby receive the selection notification instead of it being received by the actual applicant. Subsequently, the visa facilitators extort money from the selectees in order to receive the notification information that should rightly have gone directly to the DV selectee.

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    Misery Nov 16, 2010

    I strongly agree, they said that they won't take my money until I agreed and completed the application but they did inspite of the fact I didn't complete it, so the transaction was not authoriseed, which cuts the legs of any argument that its not a scam. now all they will do is give me a discount. When I called to cancel they said there was no one able to deal with it and said they would call back but never.

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  • Ah
    ahmed anour ahmed Jan 21, 2011

    my name is ahmed anour ahmed from sudan (darfur) i live in elfasher. i work for un ocha as a security guard. i interrested
    in english language so much. i act as a teacher in basic school and looking for any post to do in united states.

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  • Ah
    ahmed anour ahmed Jan 21, 2011

    my name is mohammed ibrahim hassan from sudan (darfur) i work with un ocha. my famil are needy they live in idps
    camp in desperate suitations. i speak english fluently and need to emigrate to usa.

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  • Pi
    PiotrIr Nov 10, 2011

    For everybody who were ripped off by Usafis.
    As this company is a fake business it is possible to get money back. One day they called me and gave impression they are government body and after couple of psychological tricks (almost 2 hours of conversation) they got my credit card details and charged for couple of hundreds Euro.
    Forty minutes later I found was ripped off so called to VISA and blocked my credit card what I would recommend to other who gave them those details. I tried to contact them for next week but no answer so sent letter to VISA with all information from this forum (example of conversation from:, examples of other people which were cheated and USA government warning) plus my e-mails.
    After more than a week usafis contacted me and tried to convince to use their service but I wanted only refund. Finally they gave me around 55% back but I still sent them e-mail - wanted rest back. Unfortunately they deleted all without reading (if you sent them e-mail chose option with delivery and reading confirmation request so you will know that). I’m pretty sure this refund is another psychological trick which supposed to improve they are honest organization and convince you to don’t complain to credit card provider.
    Finally I got cash back from VISA so I’m very, very, very happy because got all my money back, even it took me long time and a lot of hassle to do it.
    My advice - never trust them, do not give up and try to get your money back!

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  • Ib
    Ibrahimsaeed Feb 20, 2019

    @PiotrIr What is steps to get completely refund ???

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