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Turkey Hill DairyCustomer service

This lady sue really needs to go. She's always yelling and cursing at customers. Not only have I had her make my order wrong, I've seen her handling my food with no gloves or one glove. One time she got Mayo or something on her thumb or whatever and licked it off and proceeded to touch my food. Another time her and another girl with blond hair glasses and an annoying squeaky voice ignored my order for twenty minutes. I'm never coming in if sue is behind the counter. I will walk right out the minute I see her. If she can't do her job right she shouldn't be there

Turkey Hill Dairyteam member

Having children who come into the store with me frequently, seeing a Megan's law employee working here concerns me. I always knew he was creepy. This is awful to see at a place so many children come into and there is a school on that premise also! You could be sued. He sits outside on his smoke breaks and stares at everyone in the parking lot. He makes jokes about doing drugs to customers, i have over heard these conversations over some time WITH my children in the store with me. Please be more proactive when hiring people. Don't hire joe shmoes off the road because you need to fill a position. The Ottsville staff is by far the worst I've seen in years.

team member
team member