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Enterprise Rent-A-Car - car rental hail damage incorrectly assessed and unfounded claims process initiated

RA# [protected]; I rented car from Enterprise while in Ohio visiting family for Christmas from 12/21 to 12/26. Upon inspection of the vehicle at pick up we pointed out multiple marks on the vehicle which the sales representative dismissed as being smaller than the circle on the damage evaluator. The representative did not allow us to hold the evaluator tool or measure the marks using the tool and refused to note them. Further, when I went to inspect the roof for damage the representative assured me that damage to the roof was not included in the inspection and would not be noted. When we returned the vehicle the representative noted three marks including one on the hood and two on the roof and stated that it was hail damage. Our complaint is that the representative erroneously assessed the damage triggering an unfounded claims process of which we are the subject. After the assessment the representative let us examine the evaluator tool and on closer inspection we found it consisted of two very different sides, one being the blank side we had been shown at vehicle pick-up, and the other side which included information classifying different types of damage and stating that "[a]ny hail damage is damage" as well as detailed sized rings to assess classes of damage. During the time the vehicle was in our possession at no point did we or the vehicle encounter hail. Even at night when we were away from the vehicle, the vehicle did not encounter any hail. We drove the vehicle 231 miles during the time we were in possession of the vehicle. If one were to draw a 116 mile radius circle (the furthest we could have driven the vehicle from the rental location) around the rental location, with the rental location in the exact center, such person would not find a single instance of hail to be reported, as confirmed by reviewing NOAA weather service data, for the days we were in possession of the vehicle. There was no hail, no snow, no freezing rain, no ice storms, no sleet, and not even a heavy rain in that perimeter while the vehicle was in our possession. While the vehicle was in our possession we did not transport it by any other means such as by ferry or flat bed lift for any distance from the rental location and any distance that the vehicle traveled was through normal driving of the vehicle itself. As the vehicle never encountered hail while in our possession nor was it in the vicinity of anything close to being characterized as an occurrence of hail, as verified by independent weather services, we can only draw two possible conclusions: (1) The damage to the vehicle was not hail damage but was in fact what would be considered normal wear and tear by Enterprise Holdings' standards, or (2) the damage was in fact hail damage encountered from a prior rental and the damage had not been previously reported. Therefore we would like any open claim for this reservation to be dropped. Attached are three photos of the hood, from differing angles and two photos of the roof, also from differing angles. I may be reached contacting the contact information associated with the Rental Agreement Number included above. Thank you.

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

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