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Reviews and Complaints


I went threw the srive thru I ordered a mac n cheese bowl 5 fill up with sweet tea a chicken little a small gizzard and a side of mashed potatoes a side of gravy and a large mt dew.. After waiting 9 min they hand me the food.. I pulles out as my daughter checked it.. There was varely anything in the mac and cheese bowl ans the small gizzard had 5 gizzards in it.. So I go back with the food and just ask for a refund.. There was one employee standing there calling me a f'n liar that the food was good and I was just a dope fein wanting money.. It took all I had not to open mu mouth.. There was a young man he kept ap9ligizing and then another employee comea up grabs the bag and throws it across the floor.. I was just really speechless that these ppl even work there.. No gloves are used and ita just a bad time all the way round.. I doubt I will go back and I will inform everyone I know of my experience