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Reviews and Complaints

Portrait Innovationsphoto session/picture pick up

I had pre scheduled a session for 12/21/19. After I scheduled I called the store to confirm, and I explained that the children would have 2 outfit changes. And that I Had a small child in the session (3 Yr. old). and I would need a photographer with patients. They assured me this would not be an issue and they would see me Sat. I arrived at the center at 11:45AM my apt. was @ 11:55AM. Now I understand that its xmas time so we may start a little behind due to the amount of people there for pics. But again I did have an appointment. So after waiting about 40 mins. and not being called, I asked the staff if she new how long it would be before we would get into a studio/ She had an attitude and said as u can see were pretty busy. I explained I understand but I did schedule an appointment. She said she would get me in in a few. So about 15 mins later we were called. Now for the life of me I don't know how they thought we would have family pics for 6 people done in a 15 minute session. After snapping 6 -8 shots she said we could wait in the front and we would review pics shortly, I explained we had out fit changes and the kids would be taking pics together. She stated they guarantee 1 outfit and it was two crowded to do individual pics. I explained to her I called in and was assured that was ok. So reluctantly she agreed but said I would have to wait till she could get me back in for them, so we changed out and waited for 35 more mins. Then once in for the second set the new photographer was rushing and snapping pics rather the children were smiling or not like we were annoying her, she kept saying she couldn't wait for us to readjust them after each pose and that we couldn't use any other background they were only using the xmas tree or winter that day. By this time I'm pissed but I remain professional but it was hard to take pics pissed off. Now after this she says to wait to review the pics. After 30 more mins we go up to review and this lady is the worst of them all. She is clicking through the pics so fast we barley have a chance to say which of the 3 we like best. She explains they are packed and she's sorry but she has to get people in and out as fast as she can. I tell her we in her spending hundreds of dollars and I want to make I am creating the best package possible for that kind of money. Now she's annoyed and ask me to hold on while she steps away. She comes back about 5-10 mins later and she still clicking the pics she wants while were still deciding. So I say well you know what if your picking the ones you like why we here. She again explains she doing 2 jobs and she is just trying to do them to the best of her ability. Now how that's my problem I don't know. So after we get through that were asked to proceed to the desk to pay for the pics. After we pay were are told oh well the printer is down and it will be a 2-3 hour wait. So now very upset we leave to do shopping we return in 3 hours and they tell us oh well you wont be able to get the pictures today we will call you when they are ready. I ask when that will be she states a day or two. So then 2 days later I go to pick the picture up because someone calls to say finally they are ready and when I get their no pictures. He tells me they are not there. I explained they were there because someone called. He says he looked from top to bottom they are not there. I leave get half way home which is 45 mins only for them to call and say they found them. I go all the way to get them and they don't even have decency to say sorry for the inconvenience. The worst experience I have ever had when xmas pics are suppose to be a wonderful experience for the family. I have been here 5 times and each time has been worse than the time before. But this takes the cake I will NEVER EVER refer anyone else to your store. The service I received that day was trash. I received pics I did not order and the 2 poses I wanted most we did not even get and was told basically to bad there is nothing they could do. Also we did not get any wallets printed and we did not get 1 of the 10X 13 we were suppose to get with special effects so as a consolation she gave me the disc with all the pics she took and said I could try to print wallets at Walgreens. Well aint that about a you know what. Thanks for ruining our annual family xmas pics. I use to brag about how professional and nice the quality of work was here. Don't know what happened but got a very good feeling after all the people that were pissed off this day you will see a huge decline in repeat customers. I will take every chance I get to share this experience because not one single person felt it necessary to say hey im sorry or what can we do to fix it smh BBB will be hearing from me. You should be ashamed the staff there treat customers this way after we spending good money with your company.

Portrait Innovationsordered a coffee mug

I ordered a coffee mug at the time the portraits were done, paid for my pictures and the mug just before Easter and here it is July 27 th and I have not received the mug yet. I have called several times about this mug and they keep telling me it was not ordered, so I waited longer and this time I called for the mug and they tell me that I picked it up, why would I call if I had received it. I asked for the number to customer service and they said there's not a number to talk to a representative, they have very bad customer service and now I either want the mug or my money back, no one from my family picked up the mug on my behalf. they either gave my mug to someone else by mistake or just never ordered the mug. I will not pay for a mug for someone else. I'm not doing business with this company again. I need my mug or my money back and again I paid for this mug back before Easter.