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bad customer service

The worst Casino I have ever been to is the Four Winds Casino in New Buffalo Michigan. I cannot believe how their employees can treat people so badly. They are allowed to be obnoxious and offense to paying patrons. I went their quiet a few times and each time witnessed pit bosses and dealers who think they can be rude and obnoxious to people. God forbid you win there. If you are a winner they will throw you out or screw with you so you lose. The place stinks of smoke. Blacks and Asians are allowed to hang out at the tables and not even play. They can be loud and obnoxious haning out smoking and annoying paying patrons. It is unbelievable. I would never go back to this place. I saw a guy win a thousand dollars at blackjack and they threw him out cuz they said he was being too loud. I was floored. I saw blacks and asians sitting at tables smoking being loud screaming stuff and they did nothing about it. And if you make a complaint here they will do nothing about it. They have an attitude about everything here.

thratening and abusive behavior

I was threatened by hotel employee to be throughn out naked into the street !!!
I was "comped"a room at the four winds hotel, when i went up to the room i sat down to take off my shoes when i felt my rear end getting wet, i stood up looked in the mirror, seen my bottom was wet.I then called the front desk to tell them of the problem, they sent up a maid soon as she walked in the room she said it had a strong odor of cat urine.she then called front desk and told them of the issue.the front desk told her to give me another room.and that the hotel would clean my cloths.that was fine seeing that i couldn't walk around with urine on my they took my cloths, and after a couple hours i needed cigarettes and was hungry, thirsty, .so i called the girl at the front desk and she told me as long as i was covered with a robe and had shoes on i could come down, so i did that's when there manager employee stopped me in front of people in the lobby and told me that if i didn't go back to my room he would throw me out, keep in mind i have no i go back to the room and wait after a couple more hours i called and ask if they would at least get me something to wear, and some cigarettes, the manager said he could get some cloths at the shop there but they would be charged to my credit card, i came there to gamble not buy cloths because i sat in a bio-hazard that the cleaning crew missed.they did bring me a pack of cigarettes after a couple hours and charged me $10 for the past couple days i had spent a little over $9, 000 there.and this is how i was treated.if the hotel would have just offered to take care of me instead of threatening to throw me out naked into the street this would not have been a big issue, and even when i talked to the casino host he said it was ridiculous to be treated like that and threatened, And heres the kicker the casino and hotel refuse to do anythig about it, they did offer me a free buffet WOW every week i get free coupons for that
I think there maybe a lawsuit here, , 1.) Extreme and outrageous conduct 2.) Willful misconduct 3.)Intimidation
4.) threat of work place violence

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    Really Raw Jul 22, 2010

    You should have used that $9, 000 to go to school so you could learn how to spell and use correct grammar.

    This has to be a fake post. It is common sense not to go to a lobby in YOUR ROBE. If you had so much money, you should have ordered up your food and cigs from room service. Also, to only have ONE set of clothes for several days at a casino??

    I call BS on this ridiculous story.

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  • Rx
    rxtweeter May 17, 2011

    This casino is the worst I have ever been to. The pit bosses and dealers act like they work for the Indian mafia. I have never seen employees at a casino that are allowed to be so rude to people. If you ask for anything they will say no. Also, I have never seen a place where blacks and asians can hang out at the tables smoking and not even play. They are allowed to be loud and obnoxious annoying paying patrons and not even playing the games. I would never go back to this place after experiencing this time after time at the Four Winds Casino in New Buffalo Michigan.

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  • Ju
    JusticeToCasinos Jun 06, 2012

    This casino like many else treat their employees just as bad! After taking a job on the casino floor, an employee was asked to "fill in as a supervisor" in the buffet. The f&b director is one of the worst people person I've ever seen. After working the buffet the employee was told that the supervisor title would be stripped and would have to be a hourly server. The employee uimmediately asked to return to the supervisor position on the casino floor. The director told her to fill out a transfer. Keep in mind the employee never filled out a transfer to the buffet but filling in. After 2 months of waiting for the transfer all current fulltime employees were dismissed stating the positions were eliminated. Before the elimination the casino HR dept advised the employee to speak to the labor board to resolve the issue. The 4 women filed separate lawsuits. The employee referenced in this post was awarded an amount of money April 2011. They refused to pay. The judge issued a$100 per day pennalty for non payment. They have been given several deadlines to pay with the most recent on june 1st 2012. The lawyers waited at the courthouse with there smug looks only to avoid payment once again. If this had been a regular person, he would have had a garnishment or been incarcerated by now. At one point the casino tried stating that the lawsuit was discrimination. Problem with that is the employee is indian too. And it was the casino who advised on labor board contact. This is a big example that is you conduct business in this country you should be held to the same laws as anyone else. You can take everyone "US" currency then you should follow the laws, or start accepting rocks and quilts as casino currency.

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  • Fr
    Freaky Fry Jul 30, 2016

    Being a former copper member that spent over $70k in 2 years with no jackpot or decent incentives (comps, etc) I've realized that this place caters to the minority and travelers. Low betters so you don't realize that your win average is around 12% and that they set their payback percentage to no more than 20% and since most of their games are server based they can alter the payout and overall percentages freely without notifying the player. This is illegal in non Indian casinos but perfectly legal here. I was there for not even an hour on Saturday, July 30, 2016 and lost $500.00 playing penny slot machines. (Yes, penny slots max bet between $2.50-$6.00) This is not the first time that it was so blatant that their machines were being adjusted during game play and the percentages are being dramatically lowered. When I was still a copper club member I lodged a complaint with management on this issue and the type of service I was receiving as a top tier member, they told me that it's all about luck! Excuse me? I then proceeded to tell them the incredibly modest jackpots I won at Blue Chip located just down the road and how lucky I must be that everytime I go there it is much more enjoyable and satisfying! They (Four Winds) offered me some free concert tickets, a few buffets and $100 gift card for my trouble. I told them: I get the players club copper buffet for free, concert tickets for free and I get $250/wk in Freeplay, your offer was a slap in my face and you can shove it up your ###... Avoid this place and go to Blue Chip or one of the other places, both Indian and federally governed that appreciate their customers and their money...

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    Reebokk Mar 23, 2017

    I couldn't agree more. That place is a rip off. Especially the one in Hartford. I've heard story after story from locals on how bad the slots are there. And have witnessed it myself. The comps in free play based on play are a joke. The staff I've found to be very polite and understanding but the place itself stinks - and I don't mean the smoke. If you can't take a bankroll of several thousand dollars in and play penny slots and get more than one or two $20 hits and be broke in 3 hours something is wrong and zero entertainment value whatsoever. It's disgusting!!!

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poker machines

We love your casino, but would like more Penny poker machines or even some nickel ones. You had some good ones when you first opened and then took them out. They are always full and can't understand why you don't put more in.

I don't like all those other slots and enjoy the poker but can't afford the more expensive ones - please put in more penny ones.

discrimination against disabled veteran

I am a retired veteran U S Navy with 22 years of service. I am writing to express my concern about a parking ticket I received and the pending decision of the court, court fines, court fees, traveling from Indiana to Michigan and lost time from work.

My license plate number is DAV 9118. Officer Jeff Whelan only wrote 9118 on the issuing ticket. This car is registered in Leon he put my wife's name. I Leon was the driver this particular night.

I called Jeff Whelan the officer who wrote the ticket over the phone. I could not get this officer to understand the laws of The last paragraph worded 'traveling with a Disability Placard or Plate'. The last sentence states Michigan honors current disability plates and placards from other states.

Next, I tried to plead my case to Captain Jungle. I explained to him that on Michigan DMV website I am allowed to park in handicap with a DAV License plate. I got know where. Captain Jungle told me to take it to court and plead my case. Then he said bye. I stated go ahead hang up on me. I then stated we got know where. Can we solve this without me coming back to Michigan and so I would know in the future. He said go to court. He then came back with the fact that if Four Winds Casino call again and complain about me parking in handicap I would get another ticket.

However, I do believe that this was racially motivated. When we arrived at the Casino there were casino security watching us. No words were exchanged. Upon leaving and after noticing the ticket we immediately got out went back in side and spoke with someone on the floor who came outside and stop the security guy in the truck. I explained to the gentleman in the truck that I received a ticket for parking in the handicap. He immediately responded with 'yeah, you can't park in the handicap with that license plate'. I explained in Indiana I can. Again he stated 'I am from Indiana and you cannot park in handicap with that license plate'. He also stated 'DAV means you are a member of Disabled American Veteran. We walked away.

It would seem that I should have had an opportunity to move my vehicle before a ticket was issued. The same amount of time it took Four Winds Security to call the police could have been used to page me and get me to move my car until I got this issue straightened out at a later date. My wife and I are pretty discipline.

However, my complaint received the thumbs down from the Pokagon Police Department. We now have to come to court. In Indiana, I am allowed to park in handicap parking spaces with DAV license plates. I have emailed Paolo (Customer Representative from DMV.ORG) She states I am allowed to park in handicap in Michigan.

My proof is Indiana and Michigan websites the procedures I went through to get the DAV license plates and DMV.ORG. Was this racially motivated? The security guy in the truck responded right off as if he knew the law. Could this have been avoided? We were only out for entertainment. Not Harassment. I wouldn't have parked in this space if I wasn't allowed.

I did go to court and the charges were dropped. Me and my wife had to take a day off work to go to court for nothing.

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