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Reviews and Complaints

poor customer service

I had the absolute worst service on 8.1.19 at the store at 11951 Paul Mayer Ave, Bridgeton MO 63044 (I believe it is store number 8672) (Invoice no [protected]) I came in on 7.31.19 originally just to fix a tire with a nail in it. Due to the tread on my tire I was told it had to be replaced (since I had two tires with low tread) I decided to replace them both but they weren't in stock so I would have to come back the next day on 8.1.19. I asked how long the appointment would be and was quoted about 1.5 hours to replace the tires so scheduled an appointment with enough time with a little extra, so I wouldn't be late picking up my 3 year old from day care. Well once the tires were off one of your associates (Joe) tried to sell me brake pads & agreed to it but told him I have an absolute hard stop time of 5pm so I can pick up my son & he said no problem. Well 4:45 rolls around (I have been at your store for 2 hours at this point) & I go to check on the status of my car: 1) a wrong part was delivered so it was going to take longer & I was never notified of this delay despite having stressed I have a hard stop time & 2) I was now told it would be like 6pm before they were finished.
At this point now I am scrambling to figure out what to do for my son as I really had no other options. Because he is 3 and in a car seat it is not like I could take an Uber/ Taxi/ ect. to go pick him up and come back as well as limited to the fact of who else could pick him up for me due to him needing a car seat. Also it was getting late and with dinner and his bed time being 7:30 I didn't want to be lugging him all around town.
I ended up having to call my parents who were already out to dinner and have my mom leave their dinner to go pick him up. On top of all of that it wasn't until 6:50 (4 hours) at your store that I left. Granted I get that I was getting now brake pads on top of tires so I get that's going to take long then the initial quoted time but I was beyond frustrated since I feel like the associate who talked me 100% didn't listen to me and was just trying to "make a sale". I am so disappointed and frustrated you better believe I will never come back to NTB or ever recommend them to others are this point.