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Reviews and Complaints

Checkersservice! both females talking the order

Well first we pulled up to checkers to place our order but needed a second. So she said okay order when your ready. (Heavy set white girl ) So we start to order and don't get a reply but we are looking at her thru the window. So she finally replies and says wait. So now we are irritated because we feel like we are purposely being ignored. Then a black female comes out, (tall) and doesn't answer our questions about the menu at all. Just simply says, "that's it?" So we go " I'm sorry did you hear our question ?" She screams "YES! Is that it ? " so we say yes. She then starts to say something else but the speaker was going out. So we asked her what she said and she screams again saying our total " I SAID 2.53!" We felt so disrespected we just pulled off.