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I sent the following message to Walmart.com some time ago. I even phoned the store and spoke with a male who identified himself as being a part of the supervisory team and was told that the store manager would contact me. I never heard from anyone. On today 11/30/18 around 730pm we (my family of three) visited the Walmart on Henry st here in Muskegon, MI. My daughter who's 13 turned in some soda cans and waited in line lane 7 with a cashier who's badge identified her as Karen. My daughter waited in line by herself as my husband sat on the bench waiting for her to checkout. I had stayed outside in the van. My daughter waited in line at least 20 minutes and once it was her turn the cashier serviced the people behind her. At some point my husband went to join my daughter but decided to go to customer service rather than to confront the cashier. Once I was informed of the situation we all went inside and I confronted the cashier. She said that she didn't know why my daughter had been in line. I insisted that what she should have done was to acknowledge my daughter then she would've ascertained why my child had waited in line all of that time only for her to be rudely not acknowledged. Rather than to extend an apology Karen rudely said that I could speak with her boss. The first representative that I spoke with was awesome and seemed to really care and want resolve. However the cashier's boss who's badge identified her as Stephanie originally tried approaching the situation as if my 13 yr old should have done something differently and it was only when me and the other store rep insisted that all the cashier should have done was to have acknowledged my daughter that she agreed and said that she was going to speak with Karen. I doubt that she will as she didn't seem to be very customer oriented herself. My family shops at Walmart a lot and Im dismayed at tonight's visit; very unacceptable. Id like to put in a grievance or complaint with corporate.