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they stole from me.

I was only home for a couple months, and they were running a great special- no start-up fee, $10/month. I joined for a couple months. When I cancelled 6 weeks later, they told me I would be charged for the next month (November), as I hadn't given them a months notice in advance.

I said, "That's fine...but I am cancelled, right?"
PF- "Yes, sir, your membership is cancelled."
Me- "My card will NOT be charged anymore, right?"
PF- No, it won't. Your membership is cancelled."

December rolls around, and they continue to charge me. I call to find out why...they say I never cancelled!
They ask me for a letter of cancellation which THEY CONVENIENTLY NEVER GAVE ME.
I'm out of the country, and you can't cancel by phone/email, so my mom has to go in and cancel for me.

I was only out $10, but they obviously do this intentionally to continue to charge you, and will not refund you.
I won't be joining them again and suggest the same to you, but if you do, and cancel, GET IT IN WRITING.

  • Ap
    aprilkayyy Jun 21, 2009

    I signed up for the black card membership on February 2, 2017. I was told that I was only signing a one year contract (which I did read, and it did state that it would have to be renewed/signed by me in 2017). I stopped going when I moved away around Jan and did not cancel because an extra 21.63 would be less than their cancellation fee of $50. They keep charging my credit card, $21 each month and last month they charged $40 for "fees". I've called numerous times to have it cancelled, but they said I have to do it in person. So I drive 30 minutes to a planet fitness and they state that I have to cancel it at the same place that I signed up, which is over 2 hours away! I then called THAT facility and they said no, you can cancel it anywhere so I go back to the same place to cancel and they say "we cannot cancel your membership because we don't have a fax machine". They have taken $150+ from me, do not sign up with these people it is a scam!

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  • Jo
    Jody87 Jul 15, 2009

    Yea i signed up for personal training I havent received such services. I refer two people knowing that their policy is u can get two free membership but yet I am still charged everymonth when im suppose to get two free months. I just cant express my anger towards this scam GYM!!

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  • Ha
    hannah b Oct 07, 2009

    They say before you sign the paper work that to cancel you have to send your request to notice by mail or drop it off in person because they need your signature to cancel it. Read the paper work before you sign a contract, dear.

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  • Na
    NasL98 Nov 11, 2009

    Planet Fitness should practice what they preach, no judgement ha.

    I was told I couldn't wear a bandana on my head while I was surrounded by guys with baseball hats. I'm a performer and get around the U.S. I have long hair so to try to work out without a bandana would be impossible. No judgment, what do you call that, as long I live in the U.S. know-one is going to tell me what I can wear and what I can. I didn't want any part of this and upon leaving I was asked to cancel my membership.

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  • Ko
    kookoo5 Nov 20, 2009

    It says right on the dress code sign "NO BANDANAS" get a life, suck it up, and obey the rules you agreed to by joining Planet Fitness instead of crying about them.

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  • Ja
    Jason Rivera Nov 29, 2009

    Well, just received the credit card bill and again, for the third time they continue to charge me for the membership. this will be the THIRD time i canceled this membership !! We should all get together and sue these pieces of s--t. Need to cancel this card too i guess.

    IF anyone is having this problem, please contact me .. class action is in order for this ### company

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  • Ff
    FFTOM Dec 15, 2009

    Please all of you just stop it!!! What on earth do you expect for 10 bucks??? You want to pay nothing but get everything then when you don't you whine like babies!! I own a 4 fitness centers and when I tell you that it is impossible to run a quality business on this model I mean it. It is not about the money you make but rather the money you dont spend in this model. Meaning 10.00 can only yeild so much revenue in so much space so they skimp on customer serivce, cleaning, employee training, administrative help, collections policies etc etc... You are all going to a yugo dealer and expecting a porshe. It's your own fault. Stop being so cheap and reach into your pocket and pay for what it is that you want... It is worth the extra 20 or 30 bucks.

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  • Ff
    FFTOM Dec 15, 2009

    Well put! Advice...If it sounds to good to be true it usually is...Beware the shirtless man offering his shirt...You get what you pay for...Buyer beware...I can't imagine actually expecting anything good for that price.

    If you can't afford 30 or 40 bucks a month to be a member at a gym you should probably work out at home because then you can't afford 10 bucks either and if it's just that you're cheap then don't complain about it.

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  • De
    Dee26 Jan 06, 2010

    I totally agree with the initial complaint! What the hell? Are you kidding me? I mean -- seriously!!!

    If this policy was to be upheld in the LA area then I'd understand because I guess that the "crips" and the "bloods" want to run the gyms as well as the streets. Otherwise, having this company policy across the country is both stupid and senseless! On another website, I read a response from a PF employee who said that the bandanas are offensive to others. REALLY!?!?!? How stupid is that? Guess that's why s/he is working for the damn company - they're all about spreading ignorance. But that's okay . . . I'll proudly wear my baseball cap that says: [email protected] You, PF Idiot. It shouldn't be a problem since hats are allowed!

    And to: kookoo5 . . . Your username says it all - hence the reason why you'd agree this foolish policy! HA!

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  • Ri
    rivka jakubowicz Jan 15, 2010

    In march of 2017 my brother in law past away... My sister is leaving in teaneck... I moved in with her to help her pay and hold on to her apartment... I wrote a letter to planet fitness and told them the story... The only thing I got from them is more letters how much I owe... I called them and I was told to write a letter so I did.. The only thing I contue to get was bills im so sick and tired and I dont know what to do... Thank you judd

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  • Ia
    IaK89 Jan 26, 2010

    Planet fitness, questioned on their trustworthyness and integrity in their conduct of business practiced

    We must all firstly, question any merchant or order of business, when they oblige an individual/consumer,

    To give up access to their accounts to pay for the service, services offered, including an individuals id, identity and privacy. If an individual can not pay for a service offered by their own will with cash, and without sacrificing privacy, security and their own identity, and the right not to enter the binding of contracts for services offered, should people not question the trustworthyness of that merhcant/establishments method of the business practiced?

    It is the good will of a good and notable business to earn the trust of the people of its community, and cater to those people of what is best in those particular peoples interest. And then perhaps the business shall be worthy of the business of those people.

    Always keep in mind, "without the customer, the business cannot stay in business".

    People should always question what must be given up of themselves to obtain a service offered to them. If it requires more than of your own money, is it worth it?

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  • Va
    ValerieT Feb 23, 2010

    We you finally able to quit your membership?

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  • Ya
    Yass Mar 31, 2010

    First Complaint:

    The fitness clubs are franchises (who are unavailable to contact) and the Planet Fitness website does not provide any way to contact "Corporate" for complaints. There is no method to contact them at all.

    Second Complaint:

    As just another measure to save money (and reduce services), the chain of health clubs appears to have converted their television reception to satelite and reduced the channel deversity they broadcast to its members). This is especially troubling in the Philadelphia market where three of our pro teams (Phillies, Flyers and Sixers) are not broadcast on cable. Therefore, our sports have been replaced with "Discovery" and "Home & Garden" channels.

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  • Ko
    kookoo5 Apr 05, 2010

    Dude...this isn't rocket science. Go to your home club's web page. Click on member services and then on the survey. That goes to corporate. They didn't lie to you. Get over yourself.

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  • Mi
    Mircus Apr 08, 2010

    Planet Fitness claims to be a No Judgment Zone when it comes to fitness however, not so with how they feel politically? Choosing to air the very biased FOX NEWS station is something I find highly offensive. I think they need to take their No Judgment philosophy to stations that have no OBVIOUS bias and stations that are WITHOUT REPUTATION of a bias. Besides, one news station is enough and they have CNN and the local Austin Station-Channel 8 news. Why not replace FOX with the TCM station-that is nothing but old movies. With the older clientele this location attracts, I think it would go over well. If anything it is BENIGN and FOX NEW is anything but.

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  • Pe
    Perriwen Apr 08, 2010

    Every news channel has bias, get over it. FOX just happens to be the one without liberal bias. And if the choice of a news station is enough to make you whine about the gym, you have very serious issues..

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  • No
    not pleased in Lancaster Apr 14, 2010

    This is the strangest thing that all the comments I'm reading have the same concept; RUDE STAFF. That is my very complaint that I've been discussing with my husband since I joined this past Monday.
    What is the deal? Is this part of staff training? The morning employee by the name of Tracy (Lancaster Pa) is very hmmm...SNOTTY!!! Everytime I speak with her, it seems like I'm truly bothering her. Even if it's asking a question about a piece of equipment. She's an awful person! I shoudn't have to feel anxiety every morning going to the gym. And I CALLED THE CORPORATE OFFICE! I'm wiating for a call back! WE'LL SEE!

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  • Yo
    Youminer Jun 03, 2010

    I joined Planet Fitness because it was cheap, only $99 for a year only to realize after that the "gym" (VaGymNa as it's been known) gets worse and worse everytime I go. At any given day the gym is crammed with foul smelling people. I don't mean crammed as in "wow there are a lot of people in here." I mean as in "wow, i can't get a work out in because if i move more than two feet in any direction I bump into a horrid-smelling, overweight minority." I asked for my money back after two weeks only to realize it was nonrefundable. I let them keep my money and joined another gym. Anything is better than this place. I will never recommend it to anyone, even though it is dirt cheap.

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  • Tammy Weyler Jul 27, 2010


    I will never recommend it to anyone, even though it is dirt cheap

    Complaint Rating:
    Company information:
    Planet Fitness
    United States

    I joined Planet Fitness because it was cheap, only $99 for a year only to realize after that the "gym" (VaGymNa as it's been known) gets worse and worse everytime I go. At any given day the gym is crammed with foul smelling people. I don't mean crammed as in "wow there are a lot of people in here." I mean as in "wow, i can't get a work out in because if i move more than two feet in any direction I bump into a horrid-smelling, overweight minority." I asked for my money back after two weeks only to realize it was nonrefundable. I let them keep my money and joined another gym. Anything is better than this place. I will never recommend it to anyone, even though it is dirt cheap.

    now its my turn.

    you act like you are all high and mighty and people should bow to your feet. you are an ignorant jackass. I guess you smell like roses or a french whore when you are working out? As far as the over weight part goes, as least they are trying to better themselves and make themselves healthy, and at least they have a place like planet fitness to go to help them, the only place you can go to better yourself is a brain surgeon to do a labatomy. And the whole minority comment, I am white and I take offense to that comment, maybe I shouldnt though because it is people like you that is the minority now, you know people with lack of humanity and you must not believe in God because you would know that we are ALL created equal. Go crawl back under the rock you crept out of.

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  • He
    Henris Aug 20, 2010

    I have signed a contract with PF in April this year in Witbank after the sales person promised that the club would be open by end of June. I therefor went and cancelled my Virgin Active Contract in good faith that the club would open on time.

    I should have known that this would not be the case. At the end of June, I had to phone PF to find out what the status of the new club is. They informed me that there are delays and that the club would open middel August. That was still fine but at the beginning of August when I phoned again I was informend that the club would only open end of September due to delays in equipment not beign delivered on time.

    First of all I cannot understand why PF can't phone members and inform them of the delays. Why should I phone them?

    Secondly, I cannot understand how difficult it is to order equipment so that it can be delivered in a timely manner to the club to ensure the club opens when it is supposes to.

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  • Ma
    Marcallle Sep 05, 2010

    I am very unhappy with the service I received from Planet Fitness the last week!!! I signed a 3 year contract and paid the amount, for the whole 3 years in full, the same day with my credit card! The slip did not come out of the machine and the manager told me the transaction did not go through. We however confirmed with the bank and my own internet banking that the amount did go off! The regional sales manager then told me that they need my signature on a slip never the less and made me sign a manual transaction slip! 2 days later they processed the transaction again manually!! That is STEELING to say the least! I tried to solve the issue, have left various messages, but the manager has dissapeared into thin air! Meanwhile the bank is phoning me asking me for the payment of the amount of which I am now over my limit!!!

    I honestly do not understand how you can not have the decency to at least phone someone back if you where at fault! I am truly not a happy customer anymore!!!

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  • St
    Stanso Oct 05, 2010

    I signed up with the gym when they were doing there pre-opening subscriptions in Nov 2017, with the understanding the gym would be open within a month or 2 at the latest. The gym only ended up opening a year or so later. From the start the gym deducted amounts off my bank account. I called and left repeated messages, no one ever called me back. Starting a few months ago I got sales calls from the gym wanting to sell me a subscription, then I have to repeat the story to them and they promise that a manager will call me back in an hour. The only call I ever get is from the next sales person. I went to the gym 10 days ago and they said my contract was canceled but it would be sorted out in 2 days and I could now start to use the gym. I went back today and they know nothing about it. I am still not able to use the gym as they are incompetent of helping clients!

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  • Fe
    Featherr Oct 06, 2010

    I am in the process of relocating due to work and as there is no Planet Fitness anywhere near the area i have to move too i called in to ask about cancelling my contract. I first speak to this obnoxious lady on the phone that didn't even want to hear anything and just kept saying, 'you can't cancel your contract, you have to sell it' over and over again. I then asked to speak to a manager and get through to another person (who i seriously doubt was a manager) who basically tells me the same thing and didn't want to hear anything about it..

    Neither of them was even concerned about my situation and the attitude was second to none...

    After reading through this site, i actually cannot believe that the shareholders of this organisation are even concerned about the extremely bad rep that the brand is getting.. Maybe that is why they have so few gyms around the country because the demand for their 'exceptional' service is so low!

    I invite someone from PF to get in touch with me to sort this out right away!!

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  • Ga
    gata81 Oct 07, 2010

    I hear that you have to send them a certified mail letting them know about the cancellation. I think it supposed to be from the 1st until the 10th of every month that they are supposed to receive the certified mail. And, I think there is a $58.00 cancellation fee if the contract has not been for a year. try to search for corporates add and number and just deal with them.

    1. send them a certified mail
    2. send them a money order of $58.00 if your contract is not 1 year old.
    3. Change your bank account

    good luck!

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  • Or
    Orex Oct 12, 2010

    Basically there is a Chest excercise machine...and where you place your arms...The equipment is loose...This machine has been like this for 2 months. The fact that Planet fitness is a huge organization they should fix it within a week or pay for it to be replaced. It;s such a simple thing to deal with and im a little frustrated that no one has done anything about it !

    In general when a machine is broken they take forever to service it...It should be a 1, maybe 2 week process.

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  • Pa
    Parinoke Oct 12, 2010

    I applied for a gym membership (through Edgars Club) on the 29.09.09, and had paid for my gym tag on the same day and was told that my tag would be ready in approx. 2weeks from the day. They had made copies of my Club card details as well as ID detail to process my membership through Edgars head office. During the 3 weeks after I had applied for my membership, Planet Fitness still asked me a further 2 times to submit copies of my Club card details so that they may submit the details through to Edgars head office. On 04.11.09 I went at approx. 16h30 to gym to enquire if my tag was ready as it already been over a month, the lady at the front desk went to enquire. Upon her return she informed me that my contract as well as relevant documents cannot be found, and I must submit my copy of the contract so that they can process my membership again. I feel that this is very unprofessional as the lost documents have personal details.

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  • Cu
    Custom made22 Oct 31, 2010

    ^^ What she said

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  • Cu
    Custom made22 Nov 04, 2010

    100% agree, don't try to pay for something you cannot afford.

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  • He
    hellokitty15 Jan 03, 2011

    HELP!!! i signed a 3-yr contract with planet fitness in 2017. then in early 2017 went in to cancel my contract as i was moving abroad for 2yrs i wa stodl i had to provide proof of moving ect an dcouldnt cancel even then, i continue dto pay my 3 YEAR contract ending sept 2017. while i was in USA i paid... to my understanding the debit orders stopped in 2017. altho they were running up the "tab" i came back home to SA in April 2017. never having received post/calls from the gym Re: their service, my usage at the gym was never questioned i was paying but never used facilities in 2yrs. then In october 2017 i get a letter stating i owe an obscene amout unless i settle by 30October 2017 and accpet another contract. I ignored this. no one called me back no one was available to explain this entire "auto renewal " thing to me, nor was i even called to confirm this. now January 2017 i am expected to pay R7000 before i can CANCEL. OMG!!! Help, non-payment i will be blacklisted, im so disgruntled about this. can any one please assist, is paying my only wat out. they see no reason and have no consumer care at all.

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  • Am
    amanda carson Jan 07, 2011

    I lost my job and had to shut down bank account as it was 35.00 in the red because the gym withdrew 35.00. I called gym and asked them to cancel my membership which when I signed up they told me I could cancel at anytime. Now they tell me I cannot and that there is no one who can help me. I have no money and if they try to draw from bank I no longer have account. Please help me so that I dont start getting collection letters from them. I cannot help what happened.

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  • Wi
    Willkins Feb 03, 2011

    I have made no greater mistake than being pressurised into renewing my gym contract in the latter part of last year.

    This tends to occur when you receive daily phonecalls and the sales agents are so pushy that you realise the only way to lose them is to give in. Plus the promise of a free local holiday which turned out to be a leaflet for low cost accommodation around South Africa. Not exactly what i was expecting, but that's marketing for you I guess.

    I have been battling with them ever since. Long story short, I signed on for an additional 3 years on a 12 month budget period debit order which they happily executed on. This has been going off wonderfully every month and Nedbank has been charging me the transaction fee and the interest for the debit order as well. (approx R60 per month)

    The issue is that to this day, PF have not activated my account & so Ive not been able to go into any of their gyms. So they’ve taken my money, but no access to the facilities. Ive contacted them on numerous occasions and advised them that I wished to cancel my contract and wanted the full amount to be paid back to me. They still haven’t done this and unless I contact them, I get nothing!

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  • Ho
    Hoola Feb 05, 2011

    We are going to loose the best Yoga teacher they ever had at Planet Fitness because the club so-called music that is pumped through the gym. Several times we have asked for the music to be turned down a bit so we can hear the yoga instructor but he just do not care at all. It is only for 1 hour on a Wednesday morning between 7 and 8. Most gym-goers listen to their ipods anyway an would not care about the music at all.

    Good yoga-instructors are hard to find and no instructor should try to teach underthese conditions.

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  • Ju
    Just dont go there Mar 01, 2011

    Planet Fitness is great for the $10 sign up charge, but that is as far as it goes. The equipment is always malfunctioning. I have seen several leaks inside the facility, not to mention that the staff has little to know knowlede about fitness and or training. The one staff member that I did come across that was fit and has some knowledge of workout plans was a scammer. Who snuck and charged money for services that I later found out is supposed to be friend, but I guess since he was the only staff member in the facility that was anything close to being a trainer I guess he had the market cornered. Planet fitness was well aware of the scam going on and it took them months to even address the issue, and witihin that time did not to make the customers aware of what was going on. To top it off the trainer went so far as to try to borrow money from me. Prior to all of this happening I had recommended several friends to this gym because of the price, however I would recommend NO ONE to train or workout here it is not worth the hassle this place is totally unprofessional and needs to start again from scratch.

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  • Ka
    kajunmaw0716 Oct 03, 2011

    I have made a phone call to leave a message for a trainer to check her email. 10/3/2017 - raynell answered the call and found out the call came from a realy service that I used to contact for communication access. Raynell said that she was super busy and knows it takes a long time to talk to me. I told her that she is to treat every customer equally - she responded that she had many members up front waiting.
    My question was : was that a proper customer service to answer? If she was that super busy - why did she answer the call. Raynell's customer service to treat every customer was mistreated!! I felt I was discriminated because of the relay service knowing that I was deaf. That was my equally access like the hearing customer. Raynell has no respect to treat deaf people equally as she responded to hearing customers.

    That customer service I received was lack of service I received from her.

    She shouldnt be answering if she was that super busy! Sorry to say this... Yea rite!!!

    Thank you kindly

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  • Ca
    camillem1 Oct 07, 2011

    i am experiencing the same issue! it's a nightmare!

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  • Gy
    gymguy62 Oct 09, 2011

    Not only are they hiring ppl who treat you the exact opposite of what they advertise they also have no idea who to run a good business . I was told if i canceled my membership by the 18th that I would not be charged the annual fee in October. The girl behind the counter even verified this w/ a manager. today I find that my cking account was over drawn and i still got charged for a membership I haven't used in TWO MONTHS and only had open for 4 months total. When i explained to the manager why I was upset about the unauthorized charge. He said he'd call rt back. 6hrs later NOTHING!!I called back was placed on hold and was told that the team member I tt shouldn't have told me i wouldn't get charged, but that I wasn't going to be refunded the funds.Piss Poor customer service all the way around. Maybe you guys should all get on the same page before you lie point blank to a customers face and don't even have the courtesy to return a phone call.

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  • Do
    DoraS Oct 20, 2011

    You should visit the one in Watertown, N.Y. The female staff has sex with cops at night in the tanning rooms. It is a fairly small town, and PF is opened her 24/7...not too many members goes to PF at night...which makes me wonder why it is open at night??


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  • Jp
    JP van den Berg Dec 04, 2011

    Canceled membership over a month ago and nothing was done about it. There were even a lady from planet fitness that signed and confirmed that we are canceling and still they took my money of a contract that is supposed to be canceled. Went to them and asked what is going on and they say if we want answers we must phone customer care. The last payment that was suppose to go off is also not the same that they gave us. They took more than double the amount they were suppose to take.

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  • Le
    Leo-Nene Gilchrist Dec 04, 2011

    I dont know what to do??

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  • Jp
    JP van den Berg Dec 04, 2011

    Something has to be done cause a lot of people are loosing money on something they don't want anymore. They don't care cause it is not their money so why worry. A solution has to be found and fast. Anybody with suggestions out there in SA

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  • Kw
    -KW. Dec 09, 2011


    My girlfriend and I signed up and were going to Planet for 6 months at the Glen Burnie location in Maryland. The place is in ok shape but could be kept cleaner and needs some maintenance on the machines. There were at least 6 machines out of order for two months. Not sure if they were waiting for parts.

    Problem is,

    Our relationship ended and I did not want to keep bumping into my ex-gf so I went in to the Planet counter person and told him I wanted to cancel my membership. He was busy on the phone. I told him I could wait until he was finished. He handed me a pen and paper then told me to put my name, address and phone number down. I did this and he said he would take care of it.

    Three months went by and the bills kept coming. I thought it just took a few cycles for them to stop the billing. I called them about it but they said I had to go online and send "Corporate" my complaint about the bills that kept coming. I sent a few emails and eventually I received a phone call telling me that they had no info stating that I had cancelled my membership and that I would have to pay the entire amount. I told them that it was not my fault and that I refused to pay it.

    Well, in another month I received a pink notice that was from a collection agency. Now the bill was up to $120.00 plus other fees.

    I contacted them and I told them I had no intention to pay for it and why. They said it was already put against my credit report. Personally, I do not care what happens here I am not paying it. I told them to take me to court. She laughed and said well its on YOUR credit Report.

    I am not at fault and feel this is very un-professional. Even now that my other gym (SNAP Fitness) has closed in my neighborhood I want to go to Planet because its closer and cheaper but I refuse to eat my words so I am going to a place that costs more.
    I am not backing down. SNAP is the cleanest and best kept gym I have been to in Maryland.

    - Spoke to Megan on April 6th 2017.

    - Megan said the balance due is $120.00 after she waives the late fees but she is not waving the monthly fees.

    - Rodney Farmer

    Is the general manager and he was un-available at time of call..

    - KW.

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  • Ju
    Just Sayin' Jan 30, 2012

    This is exactly why people should not join a gym based soley on PRICE! Yeah, $10 per month sounds good, but are you really getting anything for that? Do the trainers actaully help people? Are they knowledgeable about health and fitness? How clean is the facility? What about hidden fees like an annual maintenance fee, etc????

    I work at a Snap Fitness. You pay $39 per month, or you can pre-pay for 6 months at a time. If you want to cancel, all we ask is that you come in and sign a cancellation form. We have an informative facebook page posting health, nutrition, exercise, and other information and articles. We have a running club. We have guest speakers once-a-week during the winter. And, we keep the place very clean. I have read the Snap complaints on this board, and I am split: some sound like they are legit - the owner or manager really is a jerk. But some read like the customer just likes to complain about everything and really isn't interested in working out. So I am sure we have a mix of both...

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  • Sh
    Sheinah Apr 17, 2012

    I joined planet Fitness gym through my medical aid. unfortunetely there was some mistake and the medical did not take the money from my bank account, the once off payment. However planet fitness have been debiting my account for the last few months. This was without my knowledge or consent. I have never ever given permission of any sort for any thing like this to take place. Absa bank should also have never allowed to funds to leave my bank account without proper authorization and a Debit Order which should have been signed inorder for this to take place.

    Please help, as i really need a refund

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  • Cu
    Customer 13219 Dec 16, 2012

    I've been a member for years and go in to hand over $100 for a renewal. A little lady tells me I can't be renewed til I speak to "Casey". Of course he just left for lunch so when I don't see h a while I end up calling the next day. He sounds frazzled in the phone; puts me on hold for minutes then comes back and asks for my phone number so he can call me after he makes a "couple calls". That was 5 days ago and this manager is still flaking out on me. Not sure what to make of it. Oh well; maybe they're still adjusting.

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poor service

Membership terminated for taking pictures. Planet fitness, 736 Huse, Road, Manchester NH.

I walked into PF with my friend as her guest on 11-16-08. As I signed in I specifically asked what the rules for the gym are. No grunting (even when your benching 300lbs) you have to hold it in I was told. No dropping of the weights. This is all that was said to me. I looked around for any signs that had other rules on it and saw none. After my workout my friend and I walked over to a part of the gym where there was no one around and no equipment in the area. I asked her to take some pictures of me all pumped up. I wanted some before and after photos so I could track my progress as I want to compete in the mens senior bodybuilding challenge at the end of 09. Ill tell you I'm 45yo and in very good shape. I will put my body up against any 20 yo and win. She proceeded to take the pictures, 4 of me with my shirt on, then 4 with my shirt off. It was at this time that an employee of the gym came over and saidyou cannot do that in here. I was taken back, for Ive been in gyms for over 20 years and never heard of such a thing. I apologized then picked up my things. On my way out I thanked them for my visit.Have a great day I was told. I just thought it was odd that they told me to stop taking pictures. I wasnt taking any pictures of the gym itself or any of the equipment, just photos of myself doing the classic poses.

The next day the manager called my friend at work and had the tenacity, the unmitigated gall to tell her that her membership was terminated because we were taking pictures!! No warning of any kind, no please dont do that again. Can you even believe that!! I was livid when she called me and told me this. I immediately called the gym to talk to the manager. I asked what was going on. I was told we do not tolerate that here. That I was intimidating the other customers and making them feel very uncomfortable. I told him that I had asked what the rules where as soon as we walked in and no one said a thing about having someone taking your picture. He said that we dont want your kind in here and that is definitely not the atmosphere that we want. That I was way out of line and disruptive. I said you didnt even give her a warning, that Im the one who asked her to take the pictures. He said they can and will terminate any membership at any time that they choose. It is at their discretion and it also comes down from the corporate office. I still cant believe what I was listening to. I did my homework before I called him and got the corporate phone number. I wanted to know just what kind of place I was dealing with. I asked him for the corporate office number. He said we dont give that out. I figured as much and told him that I already had it. For all that want to know the number it is [protected]. So my friends membership was terminated over 8 pictures.

Let me explain what PF is. It is the MacDonalds of the fitness industry. This is a place for children run by children. If you think that they will help you reach any serious goals you are mistaken. You cant even make a noise if youre lifting heavy weights; they want you to hold in all the pressure and blow a nut. Thats great, what happens then when youre injured? This place is for the person that just wants to go through the motions. There is nothing there to motivate you to be the best you can be. This is not the first time Ive been to a PF. The staff is made up of children just out of HS. Their so called knowledge of getting into and staying in shape and setting and meeting high goals you have set for yourself is laughable!! This place is no gym, its a meeting place. PF is for girls period!! Im now on a mission to convince people to not go there and find a real working gym. Do yourself a favor; look around for a private locally owned gym. Look around at the people that are in the gym. Are they all out of shape just going through the motions? Can you see anyone that you could use as a role model to challenge yourself to be the best you can be? For this will motivate you!! A real gym does not have ridicules rules such as PF. They wont even let you walk around with a gallon of water to hydrate yourself. They want you to buy their bottled water. You are not allowed to where tank tops because they dont want you showing off what you have accomplished. For all that feel as I do lets get together and expose PF for what it really is. Its the biggest joke that ever came down the pike. Save your time and money. Youll be very sorry if you join this place. Go on line to any complaint site and you will read endless statements of how people have been treated by rude, incompetent, employees and the endless rules and regulations and the ones they make up as they go. Lets bury this fraud of a fitness center. For all of you that work damn hard to be in the best shape you can be KEEP PUMPING!! For everyone else that just goes through the motions I suggest you give up and lay down as youre just as phony as Planet Fitness.

  • Pf
    pfhater Aug 30, 2009

    You should sue for breach of contract.

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  • Cu
    Custom made22 Oct 31, 2010

    If you walked into any gym, took your shirt off and started posing for a camera. I can guarantee you that 100% of the time someone will walk up too you and tell you to at least put your shirt back on, as it in considered moderately unwanted in a public.

    It wasn't the fact you were taking pictures, it was the fact you had your shirt off, and by the reading your comment i can tell you didn't walk about without letting out a few words that would make the management a little upset.

    Its there word against yours, my suggestion is if you want to take pictures of yourself with your shirt off and with a pump, curl a gallon of milk at your house and take pictures there.

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  • Vi
    Vincent Sanfilippo Oct 19, 2011

    On October 31 2007 my membership was suspend for no reason they said verbally abusive all because there was no where to sit and the staff arrassed me to no end

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  • Vi
    Vincent Sanfilippo Oct 19, 2011

    It's called a discriminating facility to do that I should sue

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  • Vi
    Vincent Sanfilippo Oct 19, 2011

    This Was at the 40 lindmin dr Trumbull Debbie Barton is aran person and staff made fun of me close up go out of business

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