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Reviews and Complaints

Texas Roadhouseknowledge of staff and efficiency.

I ordered a bone-in rib eye and asked if I could request a descent size cap on the rib-eye as this is the most delicious part of the cut. Not only did the bone in I ordered not come with a cap at all, the manager in training, his shadow and the waitress trainer and even the guy who said he was the restaurants manager did not know what I meant by the cap. Come on really. How is that no one of the 3 employees I interacted with had no idea what I was trying to explain. You should spend less time teaching them to line dance and more on education of the products you are selling. Just a suggestion. I didn't go there to watch the staff who looked miserable being forced to dance. I went there to enjoy a good cut of beef. Unfortunately it didnt happen. And on top of the it took over 20 minutes to get an approval for a military discount. Had I known that it was going to be such a project and hassle I would have just paid the bill from the get go and not even said I was military.. Overall I think maybe longhorns from now on and least they say you "can't fake steak".

  • SubSquirrel Sep 29, 2019

    Just our resident imposter.

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    La_yan Oct 05, 2019

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