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Reviews and Complaints

Texas Roadhouseunprofessional behavior

07/15/2019 about 3-4:30 pm
Me and my boyfriend and our family usually eat in this resturant about 1 time every week usually saturday or sunday, Today we got absolutley awful service. Our waitresses name was Faith, she brung us our water and my daughter her hi c as im pouring my daughters drink she knocks it out of my hand and instead of the waitress asking would i like another drink from her she just laughs, my mother in law recieved a house salad in which she asked for blue cheese crumbles which she didnt recieve we had to ask another waiter because we couldnt find ours for about 10 mins for another dressing which took forever to recieve i finally got a managers attention she didnt even apologize about the issue she just nodded and walked away and then our waitress came back with a drink for my daughter and another dressing for my mother in laws salad, We got our food and water refills after we waited for what felt like forever just to get my daughters fries and my fries that had way to much salt, that issue got resolved but i just feel we hold this resturant to a high bar of a service level of a 10 and the service we recieved today was a 2 and im very disapointed.

if you have any other questions my name is Audrey Westmoreland
my email is [protected] or my phone number is [protected]