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Reviews and Complaints

JC Penney Companyplat 1/3 ct tw rg set

I purchased a platinum 1/3 carot diomond wedding ring set on 5/23/19. I purchased the Lifetime protection plan. I was advised by the customer service rep Associate#0485 that buying platinum is better than silver due to oxidation since we live so close to the Gulf. I was interested in a larger diomond in silver but she said the platinum is better. I was so happy. I had the ring sized and received the ring on June 10th with no box just right out of the baggy. Not a big deal because I just slipped it on my finger. My husband and I shortly after that decided to get a divorce. I called up the store and asked if I could return the ring. She said since it was sized I cannot. Ok, I brought the ring to Bellaire Gold and Diamond store who looked at the ring and said this is not platinum. I was shocked! I was sold a platinum ring. Really! They showed me with the the eye viewer that it says platineer which is 5% platinum and 95% silver. You can't see this with the naked eye nor did I get a box or tag on the ring because it was sized. I was informed the ring is worthless and they wouldn't even buy it off of me. I paid 547.70 dollars for a useless ring that I can't even pawn because it has NO value. I called the store#1939 and spoke with the Ass. manager that said I can't return the ring due to it being sized. I explained everything to him and he said they don't sell platinum just platineer. I said I was not informed of this. He said let me check the box. He said it was on the box. I said I never had the box it was taken right out of the display. He said it was on the tag. I didn't see the tag because it was taken off when it was sized. He said he can do an exchange but no refund. Why on earth would I ever buy from JCpenney again after I was bamboozled into buying a fake ring? I want my money back. He said no because it was sized. I told him I will be contacting corporate, I will be contacting the better business bureau, posting this on social media and I am inclined to contact my local news station that customer's are being sold fake jewlery. Now I am out 547.70 for a ring that I can't even pawn. I am so angry. My phone number is [protected].

plat 1/3 ct tw rg set