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I shop at dollar general on average three times a week. (not anymore) I go into the store where there is a line of about 30 customers waiting at one register and I asked the man if they could open another register and he responded with - no one here to run the other register. Left and went to another store (dollar tree) and had no problem getting waited on.. The next day on 02/16/2020 went back to the store and it was the same as the previous day. After reading all the complaints about you business I am surprised that you are still in business. I know now nothing will be done about any complaints therefore I will no longer shop at dollar general. You should be ashamed of yourselves to allow this to go on.

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    Seriously87 Mar 31, 2020

    Here's an idea, dumbass. How about all of you idiots they complain about the lines stop coming to the store at the EXACT SAME TIME every day. These stores receive pennies for payroll. Managers can't afford to pay to have two cashiers standing at the register to greet you hordes of morons that absolutely have to buy your bullshit at the exact damn same time. How about you be an adult and understand this thing called PATIENCE.

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