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Reviews and Complaints

Dollar Generalwhy do the employees park their vehicles in the parking spots in front of the store?

Every time I come to my DG the same van is parked in a prime parking spot for customers. This is rude. They are here all day, they need to park in other locations. It seems that this has to be longer for your corporation to care. It is simple move employee cars from the front door parking locations! Maybe the employees could pick some trash up out of the disgusting parking lot while they are at it.

  • Cw
    cwtpc Feb 02, 2020

    Are they parked in a disabled spot? If not, suck it up and walk the few extra yards.

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  • Km
    Kmart 9459 Feb 02, 2020

    Wait this is breaking news. A Dollar General employee can actually afford a car, and not just a car but a van. I just can't believe that Dollar General pays enough for their employees to afford a car.

    Just because the car is there every day all day does guarentee it's an employee car. These stores often have people who just hang out around them all day like it's a shopping mall. My store has a tranny who stays around the store all the time. He or she, whatever you are suppose to call them, doesn't really bother anyone, so we just let him or her be.

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  • Ke
    KeepinItClassy Feb 03, 2020

    you’re a disgusting person. people like you just don’t get it.

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  • Sh
    Shhhhhh98 Feb 11, 2020

    How bout the safety of that employee. All day then that means they probably go into work when it's dark and probably leave when it's dark. I dought it has anything to do with being lazy cause dg employees work them asses off. Actually u should probably get a job there then u won't ever worry bout who's park where. U can park far away and see for urself how much protection dg has for their employees. Crazy they have a shit ton of idiots that come in so they can watch employees like there criminals when in reality they the ones always doing wrong. Just like ur little comment on a hard working mother or father who's obviously trying to make a living to support them or their familiy. What makes u think u deserve that parking spot? I'm gonna take a guess as to why u think u do. That's because u wouldn't no anything about hard work or struggle anything to that matter. Corp and they dumb comments...

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