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Reviews and Complaints

Comcast / Xfinitycustomer service/sold product and misled information

I am very disappointed with the service that I have been enduring with xfinity cable. I started out with just internet. I had to get Home service because someone broke into my home. I have been having issues with the internet and the service of my home cameras. I decided to go into the store on 4/11/2019 to see what I could do to make the service better because no one from tech support or customer service seemed to know why. I have complained multiple times and wrote multiple complaints. The rep in the store told me about the Xfi pods. I purchased them because I figured he knew what he was talking about. I purchased the pods on 4/11/2019. Store 1132 here in Mobile AL for $130.90. I have tried multiple times to activate and I wanted to try one last time before I contacted customer service on how I felt about this product. I have tried multiple times to give Xfinity the chance to change my mind on how I feel about the service. I am not happy at all. If someone asked me if I would recommend this service. I would say no. The rep in the store knew that I purchased my modem out right and he I am now aware that I had to have one of the Xfinity modems for them to work and he sold them to me anyway. Now I am out of the money I spent on them. I refuse to get a modem and have to pay and additional $10 when the service is already high. I really feel that this was very poor service to advise a product that they knew wouldn't work anyway. I also feel that my service is not worth the price when I am always struggling with the internet and powering my extender off all the time. There needs to be something done. All I am getting is someone telling me from Customer Care Escalations department that I can cancel but I will be charged the early termination fees because I am on contract. I promise this will not happen again. I will not get another or extend my contract of our service again. Hopefully, one day I will get some resolution. If I have to keep commenting on how I feel to get something resolved in the near future, so be it. Yours truly, very disgruntle customer.