US Financial ResourcesDeduct more than was told to on my card plus I found out it may be a fraud.

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I had received a phone call on March 5, 2011. The phone number was [protected] at 1:20 pm. The gentleman said his name was David and he asked if I was Donald Brandon but I played along with him and said that I was Donald. I am actually his wife, Rita. They asked if I wanted a grant fund for either education, house, car, or other loans. Since my family is planning on moving in the future, I chose house plan. They gave me information about how the plan works and gave me a 800 number. The web site is The grant is suppose to be for $5, 000. The number the person gave me is [protected] and I called that number it sounded like a fax number, you get the buzz sound at the other end. Another number they gave me was [protected] a customer service number. I called it and since it was a Saturday that this happened on. Customer Service hours are M-F, 9-5 pm Mountain Time. Another number is what they also given me was [protected], office is closed till Monday, Family Network. For cancel membership, you are suppose to go on I have already tried that. The membership fee was only suppose to be $1.80 or 1.87. It sounded to me 1.80. I was talking to a Mexican, I think. I couldn't understand him much, I am hard of hearing. I will try the web site again. They also took out 23.23 for something that I didn't authorize them to do that.

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      Aug 02, 2012

    I to was contacted yesterday evening, by US resources, and was told I would be charged 3.87 cents for a a program that was designed to assist me to Identify grants available to me along with the process of applying. The gentleman introduced him self, as John Garcia, employee ID #165-02. The contact number that he left was [protected] as well. He ended the phone call stating he would be returning my calling back in 30minutes with a confirmation # that was yesterday and I'm still waiting. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to stop these on line scams?

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