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UpWork Global Complaints & Reviews

UpWork Global / account suspension

Aug 12, 2019

UpWork GlobalHello there, Here I want to inform that again and again my account has been permanently suspended because of a client. Let me explain the case. I have created this account and I approved this account after trying several times. Then I have worked with so many clients successfully and my...

UpWork Global / account suspension without any reason

Jul 18, 2019

UpWork GlobalHi SIr, I want to bring to your notice that Upwork suspended my account on the ground which was totally unfair. I had been passed approximately 1 year in this platform and done 24 jobs completed, earning 2k+. Last 2 weeks I had 90 hours to work in my account. 1 week later they suspended...

UpWork / account suspended

Oct 29, 2018

Hi there, I want to bring to your notice that Upwork suspended my account on ground which was totally unfair i.e. I have applied to max. number of jobs on Upwork. The most shocking fact was that this account suspension came at a time when I landed and completed my 1st job on Upwork after...

UpWork / They disabled my account for no reason

Nov 30, 2017

I used this website for my part-time job. Sometimes I had little issues, but I resolved them pretty fast. Recently I quit my job to dedicate to a full-time freelance. And of course, I wanted to use the UpWork for a start. But all of a sudden I noticed that they disabled my account for no...

UpWork / Fix it, please

Sep 28, 2017

Excuse me, but can't I decide what to do with my account without your participation, huh? I can't find a decent job on your website, it takes time to find it. I'm 23 and have no experience, so almost no one wants to hire a young lady. I need to have the rating, and I would love to work for...

UpWork / suspended my account without any strong reason

Sep 12, 2017

Yesterday got one mail from upwork, that they suspended my account, reason mentioned that i am putting higher bids for projects, freelancing website have same duties that we put bid for getting projects, in my field competition level is quite high, didn't get projects easily, so on daily...

UpWork / I am complaining about taking my earned money

Jul 24, 2017

I am Sahak Tadevosyan, a top rated web developer on Upwork. Yesterday they have held my account without saying anything. They wrote to my clients to look for another dev. What is the worse, they do not let me withdraw my money and have taken the last month's earned money. I do not want to...

UpWork / account suspended without any reason

Jul 03, 2017

Dear Sir/Madam I want to say that my Account on Upwork 441 Logue Ave Mountain View California United States - 94043 was suspended without any reason.When I call them they are not responding.My request is to take an action against Upwork team as soon as possible for suspending my account a...

UpWork / Can't receive my payment

May 10, 2017

UpWork was a great place in the past but they have changed a lot in a bad way. I was working on UpWork as a freelancer and received quite a lot of good offers but my recent experience was quite disappointing. I received a job offer, and when I was done with my part of the deal I did not...

UpWork / Terrible service!!

Apr 05, 2017

I was a part of UpWork for a long time but recently I found out that my account was deleted. I didn't use UpWork for about two months because I had my personal reasons and while I was away the cancelled my account. When I contacted UpWork they were not able to explain what was the reason, and...

UpWork / Upwork suspended my account without notice

Mar 24, 2017

Hello sir/mam, 2 Month ago Upwork permanent suspended my account. Last 4 years i am working only on Upwork. This is only way my income. I am Loyal member of upwork. I am started working on 2010. Many time i am sending request regarding account reopen but upwork not responding very...

UpWork / Customer service regarding suspended accounts.

Jan 06, 2017

They have outsourced their entire management now the result is complete garbage. My wife and I were permanently suspended because their automated system wrongly detected that we were the same person fraudulently creating multiple accounts. We have both worked together there since 2008...

UpWork / Didn't receive the payment

Dec 28, 2016

I was looking for a job and found this website UpWork which seemed trustworthy enough. I decided to give it a try and made an account and was lucky enough - got my first (and last) project! After work was completed I was supposed to get the payment, but no one ever paid me. Then I...

UpWork / Account suspended without any explanation

Dec 22, 2016

Hi I was working on an active job and suddenly out of nowhere my account got suspended and there was no case even of Payment Policies not obeying. I didn't have any such discussion. Submitted my request to Support Team couple of times now with no response or update till date. I am...

UpWork / Account suspension

Dec 17, 2016

UpWorkUpwork support people, suspended my account and now they will going to close it: - Problem is with payment outside the Upwork. First of all, Upwork support people suggest me to go for the payment outside of Upwork. Second, Payment outside has been made, but not me and not on my...

UpWork / Payment reversed by upwork after complete the project with 5 star rating and review

Jul 04, 2016

UpWorkI have completed my project with 5 star rating and good review but client refund his payment from upwork. than upwork reversed my whole project payment and give to client. I want my payment from upwork. contract id: [protected] client: avi gal Contact url: client skype id:avigaltel1

UpWork / Fraudulent website!

Jun 09, 2016

I used UpWork three times and worked as a freelancer. First time when I completed my work I had some difficulties with receiving the payment, but in the end I got my money. Second time I got only partial payment and was totally ignored by a person which hired me. The third time I received no...

UpWork / Dreadful website!

Mar 24, 2016

I was searching for a job as a freelancer and joined Then I received a message from a person which said he was working for reputable a company and they needed someone to make a new website for them. I was so happy and agreed. Then I was interviewed on Skype by that person...

UpWork / Beware of Upwork.

Mar 10, 2016

The way UpWork runs a business is absolutely terrible! I needed to make a website, so I've decided to try this site and I was hoping to find a professional, who would help me. When he finished his job I was absolutely terrified! My site looked terrible and I had to pay and make another...

UpWork / Avoid this site at any cost!

Jan 04, 2016

This website looks professional and polished, but later you realize that UpWork is absolutely horrible. This site do not appreciate their freelancers and they will make you feel horrible, even though they get their money from freelancers. Their ranking system is extremely ridiculous and it...

Upworkptr / Do not refund the money

Dec 21, 2015

They have not refund our $1, 000 back to us for 10 days now. Every time, we call they give us a date for the refund with not money back in our account. They blatantly lie to you on the phone over and over again. They are scan artists. They want to keep the money. They are crooks...WE WILL NOT WORK WITH THEM EVER AGAIN!! / Login Expired with no reason

Jul 17, 2015

I friend of mine recommended me and I tried to use it. I was trying to authenticate my credit card, I was charged to authenticate it and now I can't even log in at I always receive the same message saying: "Your Elance account is expired". I made 3 requests at... / non payment

Nov 23, 2014

My client recently sent me my weekly payment through elance. So, like the usual, I went ahead and made a withdrawal. Now ive been monitoring my request for funds transfer which didnt happen and so on the 2nd day I sent them a followup. I was told that I would have to wait for 24 hours so I...

ODESK / Payment Reversed

Nov 03, 2014

Hello Sir, My name is janki Joshi and I am working on Odesk Platform, I was working on an Hourly project and There is Someone Ms. Elle in Odesk risk Management team who not only suspended my account, But also has reversed payment to client of 1 Month. Now client wants to pay me but want...

ODESK / ODesk is forcefully Grabbing my Hard Earned Money

May 01, 2014

Hello .. I am Ashish Tiwari from India. A web developer and freelancer. I have been working on a freelancing company called ODesk basesd in California, USA. I worked hard for many years for making my reputation so I can get work. At last I got ripped of by this fraud company called odesk...

ODESK / Keep out, odesk is completely non-transparent

Nov 11, 2013

I am working at odesk as a coder for more than a year. I was frustrated by the fact that my financial account was suspended. I have an active contract at the moment, no disputes or anything similar. I was asking them for a specific reason, but support (they probably don't even have an...

ODESK / Fraudster in oDesk

Aug 17, 2013

Beware of the client called Angela Love (Cairo, Egypt) with oDesk ID 710750. I was new and she tricked me by giving job in the message window (it should have shown up in "My Jobs") and didn't make any payment for it even after asking her to do so. She never replied. I spent nearly 4... / Scam and fake

Apr 22, 2013

I have reached the minimum payout of few months ago which is $20, 000. I've got a total of $24, 000 on my total earnings page. I was so excited thinking I hit a jackpot considering this huge and easy money over the net. So I immediately went to the request payout link...


Mar 16, 2013

Odesk sucks.. they suspend your financial account with no grounds at all. And their customer service can not even answer your questions... much more when you ask them on how to resolve such issues. They do not even know where to contact those people who gave the ticket. I do not know what...

ODESK / Financial Account has been suspended PERMANENTLY

Mar 06, 2013

ODESKI'm a new user of odesk . Recently I've got a job . It was a hourly job the contractor has a verified payment meythod, he posted a job named template design . In this job there was 75 applicants . I applied for this job and got reply from that contractor . He invited me for hi... / Stay very far away if you want to be paid


It looks great when you first try your hand at finding work here. But let me tell you, after getting my first job via this service, I quickly discovered how easy it is for people to scam you from this site. I spent many hours working on something for a client, and, due to the nature of the... / Breach of Privacy


Elance abuses Privacy! I have just been informed by a 3rd party that elance released my transaction history to the said 3rd party! This 3rd party is not a registered user of elance, there was no subpoena, no warrant and no request from any law enforcement agency but this 3rd party was able...

Upworkptr / Send me my money


I reach at the minimum earn position and requested to usd 20000. 00 but they not reply till now my id [protected]@upworkptr. Cpm / a scam


Guys run for your dear dime, upworkptr is a scam. You accumulate a lot of money within a few days but you never get it. They are up to getting a lot of traffic at our own time expense. Who could even give you $50 for just 'reading' an email. But guys try this, it requires some... / Stay away from these crooks


I have reached the minimum payout of few months ago which is $20, 000. I've got a total of $24, 000 on my total earnings page. I was so excited thinking I hit a jackpot considering this huge and easy money over the net. So I immediately went to the request payout link...



Good day Well i know why i get suspended ... but its only a mistake forum post .. i accidentally used my wife account instead of mine ... Remember accident, mistake and sickness is a natural phenomenon you cannot blame anyone on it ... ive got 3 contracts that still running and a 7...

ODESK / violation of privacy of odesk


I have been a trustworthy provider who has some reputation among odesk community but odesk suspended my profile, account, job applications, job offers and contracts in order to force me to provide privacy including date birth, photo, address proof etc. They simply cut off my income. I feel...

ODESK / Credit Card Fraud


I have been scammed by oDesk resource. Be very careful while hiring any resource on oDesk (virtual assistant, blog poster, programmer - anything). I had hired this person in November 2009 but didn't give him in assignment (his allowed working hours specifically said "0"). Yet he went... / Nothing but problems


I went to elance to see if I could swing some extra cash on the side. I'm a freelancer and their ads are everywhere so I checked it out and bid on a few projects. Couldn't believe how low the bids were for some of these tech jobs I guess that's what happens when you're... / Illegal taxation

Sc charges a monthly fee to place an ad on their site in order for freelancers (like me) to find work. This is a common and reasonable business practice that pre-dates the internet (newspapers and trade magazines, for example). However, Elance also wants 6% of your wages! This i...