UpWork Globalaccount suspension without any reason

A Jul 18, 2019

Hi SIr,

I want to bring to your notice that Upwork suspended my account on the ground which was totally unfair. I had been passed approximately 1 year in this platform and done 24 jobs completed, earning 2k+. Last 2 weeks I had 90 hours to work in my account. 1 week later they suspended my account and cannot tell me about my suspension error. Just one text repeated to the help center mail.

I was not applying to the jobs for a long time. They never even once raised the issue that I have applied to the max. a number of jobs. I just got invitations job and get jobs from clients invitation. But as soon as I landed and completed my first week 90 hours job on Upwork, then suddenly a mail for suspension.

I sucessful verification they asked me to verify my identity through video call which was also successful. After that, I received their e-mail they have suspended my account permanently. I have also Identity verification successfully. My transaction and billing method all are ok. You can see my account. I don't ask the client for 5 start review. I don't work outside of upwork.

So, why I am suspended. My one year working is on down in one second. I worked hard and keep patient for growing my account in here.

This is absolutely Unfair, not giving me a chance to appeal against by permanent account suspension.

I request you to cancel this unfair suspension of my account and activate my account.

Md Abjal Hossain.

account suspension without any reason
account suspension without any reason
account suspension without any reason

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