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To echo with many others, I would like to share my personal horrible experience with UVC. Hopefully this will help others to be careful before they sign any contract, especially when company is registered in the country that USA laws protecting consumers are not applicable ( like UVC in Dominican Republic).
In 2016, I stayed in the Secrets of the Vine resort in Cancun with my family. I was approached by the vacation club representative, who asked me if he can talk to me for 20-30 min about great services that they can offer. After several hours in the cold air- conditioned room ( I was in the swimming suite coming for 20-30 min chat) surrounded by 4 different men who were pressuring me to sign for the services, I was forced to sign an agreement. No time was given to me to discuss the offer with my family and I was not informed that there is a 3 days cancellation possibility. I was told that the package was customized to my unique needs and that I have one in a life time opportunity for the exceptional services and with unique rates if I pay for everything in full.. " Everything" was outlined on one paper sheet that magically disappeared when I Pad was brought to me for signatures. I was not given an opportunity to read everything carefully.
Upon my return to USA, almost every week I got a call or e mails from Vacation Club membership, with various ridiculous offers. Numerous time I asked not to bother me, because I am very busy ; I said that I will call when I need services. No matter what I tried to do ( block caller ID, speak with supervisor ) privacy was not respected.
Eventually I decided to take a trip to the Zoestry resort in Cancun using 7 free nights that I have in agreement . Twice when I was trying to book, I was told that there are no rooms available, and that I can only use 2 nights for 1 ( something that was not explained to me). I was told that Secrets Playa Mujeres, is next to the best, and they have some rooms Available, but for 7 nights for I still can't use 7 free nights and need to purchase rooms . Only then I was explained that what unlimited club offer is : 25 % off hotel room rates...again this is something that was not explained to me when I was forced to sign agreement. Only then I also discovered that my package is just a basic and cheapest package . Al I was also told that headquarters of UVC are in Mexico and not in USA.
I decided to go back to Cancun in 2017 to deal in person with the UVC team. Upon my arrival I was trying to make an appointment with the team who signed me for the membership ...they were literally avoiding me...upon numerous calls and requests ….one of them, Carlos came to talk to me…. told me that he will get back to me next day when he will speak with manager. He disappeared from the resort for the length of my stay …. I was told that he had family emergency and will not come to work. …The others refused to talk to me and told me that decision regarding my contract can be only made by Miami headquarters ….Actually company is registered in Dominican Republic where neither USA or Mexico rules on customers protection apply.
Eventually, after my return to USA, my case was assigned to the quality assurance person named
Eblyn González Hernández, who was in Mexico. She is the most rude, unprofessional and
condescending person I ever met. When no meaningful solution could be reached with her, I asked to speak with manager. Also, when i asked to speak to someone in a higher position, she told me there is no one else. This is by far the most frustrating process i have ever experience when cancelling.
She refused to accept my request for cancellation which I submitted and told me that only cancellation form that she sent me she will accept ( that form was stripping me of any rights and refund). Last week I received UVC request for annual payment …again something no one told me about, when I send them e mail about my case, I was told that Mrs Hernández closed my case in 2017 ( which happened without my acknowledgment). Customer service sent me an e mail : "We have escalated your case to the Quality Assurance Department. You will be contacted in the next 24-72 business hours."…….and than I received an e mai from Ms Gonzales " If all you want is to continue with the cancellation, there is no other option than cancelling without refund." ……Nothing more to say.
If you look up UVC profile on Better Business Bureau there is a statement " Complaints on file with BBB allege that consumers were pressured into signing contracts for Vacation Club Memberships for thousands of dollars and consumers found after purchasing packages that they did not realize the savings indicated in the sales presentations."
I did not used any of my "free nights " or services and have no plan to travel in near or far future to the Country where there is so much injustice, food poison ( I had each time I was there) and risk of Zika virus which possess risk for the males and females trying to conceive babies.

Oct 07, 2019

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