University of South Africa [UNISA]lecturer's for com4808 misconduct

Dear Unisa,

It brings me great sadness to write this complaint. But I find myself without a choice. Beginning of the year of my Honors studies, I submitted an assignment - I understand that instead of submitting the full download of the assignment from Turnit, I submitted a report on the submission of the assignment. When I went to see the lecturer to explain... I feel how she conducted herself was quite cruel for a lack of a better word - Dr. Hanekom is not a good example of what an educator should be. Her spirit is quite cold in fact. I decided to stay focused on the next assignment, my marks did not improve - apparently most students did not do well in that assignment - she wrote a two page breakdown of where students went wrong - I took that breakdown serious and when I wrote my next assignment I made sure I took notes of those points. But yet again I did not improve like in my other assignment. I have to believe that there is something wrong, I am willing to put mirror to myself...but as a lecturer Dr. Hanekom is not after enriching and educating students- she is after corrected, structuring and ensuring rule are followed and when they are not, she is ready to punish. The spirit of a teacher or educator is to facilitate learning through fluidity, an educator should be firm but offer loving guidance. Dr. Hanekom does not exhibit any of this.

Oct 16, 2019

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