United HealthCare Servicesdental cleaning payment seems too low.

D Sep 11, 2018 Review updated:

My name is Donald McKee, Member ID [protected]-00, DOB 12/31/1935. My complaint is regarding the payment to Coastal Dental for my previous cleaning on 7/13/2018. The dental office tried to charge me an additional $20.00 because you paid only $29 of the $49 required for the cleaning. I spent about 5 hours with about 8 of your representatives trying to resolve the problem. Finally Coastal Dental gave up and stopped arguing and accepted the $29.

7 of 8 of your representatives argued that since my co-pay was $20, your companies' payment of $29 added up to $49 and that was all that the dental office should receive. Once I had calmed down and gave this some thought I realized that we were wrong! Let me give you a hypothetical case to show what should have happened. Assume I went to see a specialist. I paid my co-pay of $45. The specialist performed a service and sent you a bill for $200. According to your list of the cost of such services he was only entitled to $100 so you sent him a check for $100. You wouldn't send him a check for $55 and tell him he already got $45 from my co-pay.

Since you do this for a living, you have a better background and can determine what is correct. I feel we are cheating this company. As a Christian I have to obey my feelings and plan to pay the dental office an additional $20 just as I did last year.

Thank you for considering this situation.

Donald McKee


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      Dec 01, 2019

    every body should boycotte UnitedHealth care because they are together with AARP stealing millions from our government. taxpayers and senior citizens cause they don't do a dam thing except steal tax money money from us and the government, aarp and united health care are crooks and thieves and should be treated as such.

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