United Healthcareprior authorization for psg denied


59YO female, BMI-27, snores, DX with MODERATE OSA-AHI16. HTN x 10 years; tired all day even after waking up... UHC denied SPLIT NIGHT PSG- stating- NO COMORBIDITIES. Case A031257396; Prior auth rep would not speak with me. Only provider. Just so happens I am an RN and write Medical Board Reviews for the MILITARY for two years and know MORE about OSA than PCM. I had to twist PCM arm just for the referral for PSG. Am on CPAP but believe I have Central APNEA which requires BIPAP. Daily REspirations are 8-10. UHC obviously doesn't know implications of long term OSA has on the body- AMI, CVA, dementia. This shows the greed and incompetence of medical providers who work at UHC just to save a buck in your pocket but in the long run have greater expenses for health problems, complications and hospitalizations. Cell: [protected]. if I do not hear from UHC within 3 business days I will be writing the Inspector General and Insurance Board of Minnesota. A concerned patient. Annette

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