United Dairy Farmersproduct

G Oct 04, 2019

We wanted a peanut butter malt on our way to the casino so we stopped at the UDF about 5 or 10 miles from the casino that is right on the corner of an 4 way road and it also had a PNC atm inside and we got 2 peanut butter malts and they was not malts at all, they was flavored milk. A malt should be hard to suck thru a straw these where so runny it was like drinking flavored milk. This has been happening a lot lately I am tired of wasting my money for something and not getting what I paid for, these things are not cheap. You need to start retraining these people, they do not want to put a lot of ice cream in it because it is to hard to scoop so they get stingy on the ice cream and pour a bunch of milk in it instead. Not happy at all.

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