UCSI Universitypoor attitude of security guards

03/11/2016, about 2pm to 3pm.

Today, me and my friend went to your campus (the one in connaught near the Giant) to have a visit as we are planning which university we should sign up. When we arrive at the guard house, both of us didn't saw anyone in the guard house so there is no way for us to tell anyone that we are visitors. So, we just took a ticket and went into your campus. There is no space left for us to park our car except for the visitors parking. As we are visitors, we parked our car there. Then, a security guard came and scolded us for parking at the visitors parking. We reasoned with him and tried to tell him that we are visitors and he just scolded us back. He said that visitors should have taken a card (or something like visitor pass? I'm not sure what is it) first before entering the campus. We told him that when we were at the guard house, we didn't see anyone inside or anyone around that could help us. He then became more angry and said that he was there all along and don't blame him. (He had also said something about being fired but he talked too fast and I can't hear him clearly.) Then we just leave the parking lot and try to get out of the campus. When we arrived at the guard house (someone is inside this time), I tried to call the person inside and ask where is the auto pay machine. The person inside seemed to ignore me or what, as we have waited there for some time and when I tried to call him he didn't even open the window, and called the person who scolded us just now to deal with us. We then left the campus without even have the chance to walk around and see the facilities. Both of us are very dissapointed.

We knew that today is a week day and we are expecting less parking spaces in the campus for visitors. However, the attitude of your guards are very bad compared to the guards in Sunway University. We went to Sunway before visiting your campus today. We faced the same problem (no parking space) there but the attitude of their guards are much more better. They told us that we cannot park at the place we stopped and adviced us to park at a nearby building (the whole building is a huge parking lot).

Finally, me and my friends have decided to sign up with Sunway University. I lodged this report so that you could improve your services. The attitude of the security guards are very important as they are often the first person to deal with visitors. If their attitude is rude, it will leave a negative impression for the people who visits your campus and you may just lost some potential customers.

Besides that, I hope that you can improve on your facilities as well. There is very limited parking space in and around the campus. It is very inconvenient for those who are driving to school.

Thank you.

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