UCSI Universityplaying with students marks

N Jun 05, 2015

UCSI University have been definitely proving a total bad record by making use of student's money as well as playing with their marks up n down as they wish. How is that a university does not reveal one's exact marka but only shows results of your grade?! If we would want our marks, they will ask for payment and if we would like for a remark, it will be a payment as well as the mark never changed before. I have my very own fren whom have been abused by all these by this so called good university. They have been playing with his marks and failing him all the time. If the student is to be blamed, how is that this student received various job applications based on his practical yet based on the university results, he fails?! This university is so ridiculous only money making. Never destroy your future by joining this university. I stand still with my decision till my friend gets a justice on this matter. A fair play. Stop failing students.

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