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+380 964 369 096(Trip Coordinator In Ukraine)
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Plus Complaints & Reviews / Dating Services

Sam Santra on Jul 8, 2016

I met someone in real life from Ukraine who has been married here in US and I met another friend who went to Ukraine through UADreams and met a girl and has been talking to her. So I decided to try it out. Here is my 2 months of UADreams story and cost me $5000 or more in the trip. I let... / Scammed out of $$$$ thousands

analyzer570 on Feb 12, 2016

This industry has found a perfect way to SCAM and empty your wallets very quickly with the enticement of getting you a glamorous girl of your dreams. Now folks - Please try to understand this is not only Uadreams, there are many others like anastasia, ualadys ( they used to be together with... / She asked for money and vanished after that

Ted on Jan 23, 2015

I registered on the website and found really beautiful girl. We chatted a lot and decided to meet. After that she suddenly told me that she had some problems. She asked if I could lend her money. I have no idea about what I thought, but I gave money to her. After that I...

Uadreams / Scam

Uadreams Scammers on Jan 22, 2015

See Website link for more info, about this Uadreams date scam. Hello Uadreams scams people, best leave site. Updated: See my profile also. Girls even confirmed they themself, by contacting outside Uadreams, they did not write their own letters always from their Uadreams profiles!!! Some of... / Waste of money and dishonest website

jackall on Dec 29, 2014

People, be aware that the website is another dating website, which will mislead you. At the beginning, everything will be ok, but later you can find out a lot of fake profiles and not really honest women here. Also the admins from this website can ask you to pay for the... / Fake charges and I can't stop them

Gibbs on Dec 29, 2014

I joined the dating website A lot of beautiful girls and I communicated with several of them. I paid for the registration, but later I noticed that the admins from this website started to take completely different sums from me. At the beginning, I didn’t get why, but... / The website is real scam -so don't waste your money

martin on Nov 22, 2014

Simply don’t waste time on the website They charged me for everything and I was really upset that I didn’t get access to almost all profiles. They ripped people off and didn’t provide the necessary stuff. I just wanted to warn other people and please... / They say uadreams scams

Patrick JK on Oct 1, 2014

I have read a lot of reviews and thoughts about online dating agencies. Well I must say that I did not find anything suspicious on I do not understand why people are so negative towards online dating sites, nevertheless they keep using them. As for me, I have been having a... / The owners need only money and you get nothing

Cun82 on Jun 7, 2014

I won’t recommend the website I joined it recently, but nothing was for free there. I spent a lot of money and wasted my time, but in return I got nothing from them. Total scam and fake charges, so be careful and better avoid it. As well as it might be a good idea...