Turkey Hill Dairycustomer service

As Oct 01, 2019

Yesterday, Sept 30th 2019 my disabled Mother went into the myerstown turkey hill about 5:30pm while associate Kelsey was working. She was clearly very mad and when my mother, trying to be nice, asked her if she was having a bad day, Kelsey very rudely and loudly said "no i'm just great" "it's great that everyone decided to come in at once but look across the street, Top Star is empty". I understand everyone has their bad days but telling customers to pretty much go across the street to another business because they came in and interrupted an employee having a conversation with another coworker or being on their cell phone is not okay. My mother was simply trying to be nice while buying a drink and cigarettes. She did not deserve to be yelled at by your employee. This not only makes the employee look bad but also the management for not handling this accordingly.

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