Trustnet, a Financial Express Companya letter saying that I was entitled to the sum of $75,000.00

I received a letter from trustnet saying that I was entitled to $75, 000.00. I called the claim agent to ask her about it & she said to call her back in 10 minutes. While I was waiting I looked up trustnet on the computer & it said this was a scam, with other people complaining about the same thing. I never called the agent back! The date on the letter was September 26, 2019. claim Number is SW-70-90-28. They enclosed a check for $1, 224.00. they said a processing fee and insurance fee of $1, 000.00 will be required before your lump sum winning can be sent to you. Trustnet also had another telephone number at the top of the letter...1-877-680-5935.The claims agent who is Samantha Fiaher telephone number is 1-877-765-9834. the letter is signed by W. Hunter, vice President Finance.

Oct 04, 2019

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