Topix.comI am not sure there is a more destructive website on the internet


I am appalled at how little the Topix management team seems to care about the content on their site. I am also appalled that even for those that try to avoid Topix like a root canal, if someone post something libelous about you, it goes out into the google search engined within half an hour and comes up looking like real news. This can destroy anyone's reputation while Topix makes a profit.

The company does not make anyone register for an account with a verified email address and a phone code and the moderation basically doesn't exist. The only chance of having anything removed (since Topix phone number goes straight to voice mail which tells you they know what kind of site they are running) is to use their feedback system which forces you go on their site and make them some more money and then you can a form letter email which is pretty much more advertising for their site.

The CEO of the company is constantly putting down journalism and taking potshots at newspapers and from what I read has even went as far as saying "speech is usually more important than the victim." That is a concerning statement because it shows no empathy toward anyone and basically means there is no intention to ever try and clean up the increasingly vile forums.

Topix is filled with hate speech, racism, sexism, stalking, child sex trafficking, libel, drug sales, and countless other immoral and illegal things. I am not sure there is a more destructive website on the internet.


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    sejal tejani Sep 21, 2013

    listen i dont understand who the hell has added my contact no in this site many stupid calls are coming in my cell kindly take some action or else i have to go to court for banning ur this site

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