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To whomsoever it may concern

Dear sir,

I have been quite fond of your clothes and accessories since I remember shopping. But, recently I was quite disappointed with the attitude I faced at one of your store.
I had bought a t-shirt on 28th of feb, 2010 from tommy hilfiger, ug 23-24, korum mall, mangal pandey rd, thane (W) india.
I wish to replace it with a size smaller. I was denied by your store manager because I didn’t have the tag, but I have the original invoice with me. (Invoice no. – s110/102)
I am sure you will definitely look into the matter and won’t leave me disappointed.

Thanking you,

Sameer mangtani
Femina. World wide media.


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    CanadianShopper25 Jul 01, 2011

    Wow, that is crazy. I work at Tommy Hilfiger & this would NEVER have happened at our location. Tommy Hilfiger stand behind its products & customer Service, TRUST ME! I have seen the craziest returns in my life be accepted. I am confident that you will get what you need if you email the company or another store's manager.

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