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Tokio Marine HCC Medical Insurance Services Group / / all the claims and appeals, customer service

Jun 18, 2018

Claims department don't know the difference between existing conditions and what the patient condition was, when they went for service. We went for the condition which the patient never had in her history and we informed doctor about all the conditions she has which is no way related to...

Tokio Marine HCC Medical Insurance Services Group / / no payments at all were made in my behalf.

Dec 01, 2017

I bought this insurance in Dec 2016. I even paid an extra $100.00 to add 6 months to the policy. I never intended on using it but under the law was required to have insurance. Failing to meet any qualification for Obama Care I purchased it. Unfortunately after having this ins. I had an...

HCC / HCC medical insurance services

Mar 27, 2017

I put a complaint against then a couple of years ago. Ingrid Robinson a fraud investigator just contacted me that a federal class action and federal criminal charges are being filed against HCC. Contact Ingrid Robinson [protected] My name is Lisa Halas and HCC made my life hell when I wa...

Tokio Marine HCC Medical Insurance Services Group / / Student health insurance / non-payment of claims

Mar 21, 2017

08/15/2016: date of service received 03/21/2017: date of denied letter has been received. SS0016056700 This Insurance is the worst ever. They do everything to not to pay the claims, they put my claims "In Review" for three months, but they were denied then. Those claims were about one day...

HCC Medical Insurance Services / Non payment of claims

Jan 05, 2017

Thiscompany provides a low cost high deductible insurance. That doesn't allow for pre-existing conditions. They took 4 months to process and urgent care claim. Stating they needed records for the past 5 years. They only needed to process insurance discounts, they were not paying a penny!...

HCC Medical Insurance Services / Visitors insurance

Nov 23, 2016

We purchased HCC as visitors insurance for my mom visiting US. We brought the best insurance possible through HCC with pre-existing coverage in case of life threatening emergency. When she was here got stomach upset and we had to go to urgent care and then ER because of ECG variation. It...

HCC Insurance Company / Denial of all claims

Nov 18, 2016

HCC Insurance CompanyI was 32 when I was hospitalized with a bacteria infection of my blood for what had gone misdiagnosed for 2 months this summer.I then needed an emergency open heart surgery to replace a valve the bacteria had eaten away at. I had bought HCC through a broker and felt like it was a sketchy...

HCC Health Insurance (HCCMIS) / Health insurance

Nov 15, 2016

I have had similar issues as the postings on this site. After seven months of weekly phone conversations and endless communications with HCC, all claims for myself and my dependents have been denied with no hope of appeal ( around 30k). It is like I did not have health insurance although I...

HCC Health Insurance (HCCMIS) / Health insurance

Nov 09, 2016

HCC Medical Insurance is running what appears to be a deliberate scam on consumers. HCC appears to do everything possible to avoid paying on claims. Below are some illustrative examples but are no means complete: 1/ Constantly claiming that information that was sent was "never received"...

HCC Medical Insurance Services / Hcc first health, agile medical insurance => hcc life insurance is scam

Oct 09, 2016

HCC Medical Insurance ServicesHCC is a SCAM, A fraudulent business, call the FBI to arrest these people, they are criminals. They took your money and provide no insurance coverage, we need to lock up these criminals, put them in jail, so they can not scam on American people any more. Make them pay for their crime. I...

HCCMIS / Health Insurance

Aug 18, 2016

After a phone call with them (with a very very rude girl on the phone) asking them if my next doctor appointment would be fully covered by them, getting the answer (with an attitude) that it definitely would be as long as I chose a doctor from the list on their website. At the doctor and...

HCC Medical Insurance Services / Claim non-fulfillment

Jun 20, 2016

I bought Atlas Insurance product from this company in effective on March 2nd 2016 for my mother. Her ear started hurting on the night of the same day. We thought it might go away so waited overnight. Unfortunately, It still hurt the next day. Given her age and her ear never hurt before, I...

HCC Medical Insurance Services / Health Insurance

Jun 16, 2016

We were sold this health policy with a 2500 deductible. We paid all premiums on time. I had an emergency health issue last November. This company has denied all claims do to my medical providers not giving them requested information. For 6 months we have been calling the claims department...

HCCMIS / Health Insurance Fraud

Jun 08, 2016

Let me start that this company is absolute fraud. I purchased this expensive insurance due to coverage for "acute onset of pre-existing condition". This is biggest bogus sales pitch. If you are purchasing based on this clause then never go for it. My father had an heart attack. He...

HCC Medical Insurance Services / Claims not paid

Feb 22, 2016

this company is a scam. they are frauds. I purchased short term medical insurance from them on 05/14/2015. after seeing my primary doctor, shortly after getting insurance, I discovered I had a bleeding ulcer. iwas admitted to the hospital and received (5) pints of blood. they also did a...

HCC Medical Insurance Services / Denial of Insurance claim

Jan 21, 2016

I have come to United States from India on a vacation. I had severe stomach ache on Saturday 6/27/15. As it was a weekend and there were no urgent care facilities open on that day I had to be rushed to emergency room because the pain was unbearable. Also I was diabetic and this called for...

HCC Medical Insurance Services / Medical Claim not fulfilled after almost a year

Nov 25, 2015

HCC Medical Insurance Services, LLC PO Box 2005 Farmington Hills MI 48333 I am filing this complaint against HCC medical Insurance. It has been almost a year and the insurance company has yet to process my claim for my Mother who was visiting the US for a short period of time and for whom...

HCC Health Insurance / non payment of claims

Aug 11, 2015

I purchased insurance in October 2014 and went for a routine mammogram and boom breast cancer. They give you the run around submit this claim again and again and again. Then it was medical records that I sent certified mail 3 times. Finally had to get a lawyer and they started paying but...

HCCMIS / This is a scam

Jan 20, 2015

I paid all of my premiums for 4 months. They are asking my doctor for 5 years of medical records for treating 1 UTI. They are also requesting 5 years of my son's medical records for falling off of his skateboard. I have filled out every single form for each claim they send and I can...

HCC Medical Insurance Services / Not settling the chanrges and kept delaying by asking more documents and denying getting any documents

Jan 05, 2015

I bought a medical insurance from HCCMIS since May 2014. Got sick in August 2014. Was admitted to emergency room, then got transferred to ICU after a heart surgery. Since then HCCMIS has not settled the case and asked my passport photocopy, old medical records from my home country, medical...

HCCMIS Atlas America Travel Insurance / Fraud?

Dec 01, 2014

My father-in-law (patient) for whom I purchased this policy had to visit urgent care because of fever and cold. The date of service was 06/02/2014. The urgent care directly billed HCCMIS. Around 10/25/14 (first communication) we received a mail in our letter box stating explanation of...

HCC Health Insurance / Every claim denied

Oct 08, 2014

My parents purchased this insurance 6 months ago. My mother needed to have some tests run after her health started to decline a few weeks ago. My father called HCC to confirm the CT scan and MRI were covered and was told yes. Now that the company was billed for the cost they are denying...

HCC Medical Insurance Services / Costs of hospital stay not covered ($5,000)

Sep 13, 2014

Last year, I'd to stay in hospital for 3 days during my holidays in Turkey (due to a lumbago). It dealt with an amount of about $5, 000 which HCC Medical Insurance should cover. But they didn't, and it seems that they are "playing" with me. They sent to me three different...

HCCMIS/ ATLAS Insurance / Feeling Cheated

Jan 16, 2014

Okay, I am writing this in so much frustration and disappointment. Somebody in HCC Medical has to answer this before I take the legal route. I took my mother to Emergency Room as she complained Dizzyness early morning. I called in to pre-certify (twice) and I even made sure that the hospital...

HCC Short Term Medical Insurance / Claim non-fulfillment

Apr 11, 2013

I bought Short term medical insurance from HCC. I went to urgent care in August 2012. The Hospital sent me the bill directly. Contacted HCC for claims. For two months, they didnt talk of anything. Later, when the hospital sent the same bill again, I asked HCC for not processing it. They...

HCCMIS/ ATLAS Insurance / Feel cheated from Atlas insurance


All the other reviews that you will find for Atlas service are either fake or from people who have not filed claim.. If you were to file a claim wth HCCMIS/ATlas.. They will respond to you after a year when the hosptital were to already send the matter to collection.. the whole turn around...

ATLAS (HCC Medical Insurance Services) / Medical Bill not paid


I got this Insurance for my mother from where ATLAS (HCC Medical Insurance Services) are listed as one one of the insurance company. I bought this Insurance, based on two reviews listed on the Reviews were good, so got this Insurance for my mom. My...

HCCMIS / It is a scam


I took Insurance from this company for my parents visiting from India( one pre-existing and one regular). My dad had a sudden pain in his tooth one day. We called up this insurance guys and told them our problem, they recommend us to go to the dentist immediately and to take care of the...

HCC Medical Insurance / Claims Non-fulfillment and Scam


I bought Atlas insurance for my dad last May. My dad fell ill with fever and stomach ache during september and had to see the doctor. The doctor reccommended a scan and the bills were sent to HCCMS for claim and they came back to us asking for additional information and we provided the...

HCC Medical Insurance Services / Claim non-fullfilment


Bought Atlas Insurance product from this company in march for my mother. Took her to gastroentrologist for diagnosis and treatment of bloody diahorrea in end of march. She undergone endoscopy and colonoscopy for diagonsis. Doctor's office and hospital facilities filed claim directly...

HCC Health Insurance (HCCMIS) / Bogus health insurance


Total scam + rip off. Do not use this company. I purchased a six month plan for my husband and I while we were in between major medical insurance coverage. It was $178 per month - auto debit only. I used Eheathinsurance to obtain our policy. In the HCCMIS plan brochure, they encourage you...