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An Dec 05, 2016 Review updated:

I don't appreciate how the sales rep in tj maxx on forhdam went about it with me returning item which I handed my id to her due to me not having the receipt. She took a while for me to come back and when she did she came back with another lady which she said we can't accept your item cause it's not scanning and then she said item doesn't match the tag when that's how I purchased it so that mean they sold me the wrong item that didn't match the tag and everything was attached so it wasn't like I did it myself. You guys need to do better especially at this tjmaxx I'm a loyal customer and this incident disgust me. So what I did I went to another location and guess what they took it with no problem the sales rep asked for my ID and put my refund on a gift card. You guys need more staff that's gonna follow the procedures and policies cause how the manager Valarie went about it and the sales rep was wrong. So they was in the wrong from the start. That site needs to be inspected with a secret shopper. A lot of staff doesn't greet you when shopping there and managers as well also they don't even ask if you need any help you in there. I see I slot due to me being a loyal customer

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  •   Dec 05, 2016

    Some people (myself included) don't like being asked if we need help. I am adult and if I need help, I will ask for it. As far as the second cashier giving you a giftcard with no problem, maybe she overrode the system just to not have to deal with you. BTW: what does "I see I slot due to me" mean?

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  • An
      Dec 05, 2016

    @westworld please if you know how to read then you would understand I wrote what they suppose to do at any retail job they suppose to greet you. If there's staff on the floor they suppose to ask if you need help with anything even if you don't want it. Unlike you. I could see you don't shop. Then how could the sales rep over ride anything when she just scanned it and that was it so how is it that she didn't wanna deal with me when clearly it says in my compliant I went to another store and was satisfied. Before you come under someone's post read. Slot was a error (alot) was suppose to be the word if you was someone that notice a mistake while reading that line you would of known it was a error and it was a lot that suppose to be there.

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  • Ca
      Dec 06, 2016

    @Anonymous 9012 Most stores I frequent, including the high brow ones, do NOT ask if you need any help. And, I've never been asked if I needed help in a TJX store (which I consider low-end).

    I don't know why anyone at the first store was not able to assist you. Simple human error? I don't know why the manager would have hung up unless she either thought the conversation was over or you were rude. If you cursed, then you don't even have to ask why she hung up.

    At any rate, I don't believe TJX monitors this site so you will need to contact them directly on THEIR website. BTW: the word is spelled "a lot". It's not one word.

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  •   Dec 06, 2016

    @Anonymous 9012 No, I don't know how to read. We don't have schools, colleges or universities here in England. We are basically a third world country. And no, I don't shop either. Sadly, there are no stores in London where I live, but I am hopeful one day London will become an international city known for it's shopping. My saving grace, if I may say so, is that I do know how to spell a simple word like "a lot" (despite not having access to education of any kind and not being able to read). P.S. please update and let us know if your complaint is effective in getting the result you want, i.e. a giftcard. You deserve it. After all "you see you slot due to you being a loyal customer"! :-)

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