TJ Maxxunethical behaviour

S Jun 14, 2019 Review updated:

On 6/14/19 at approx. 7:45pm I visited T-J-Maxx Harriman Commons at 290 Larking Drive, Monroe, NY 10950. I visited your store to purchase several dresses and return a pair of Nautica black and white sneakers.
The store was in disarray with scattered items all over the floor at the areas marked for make-up, personal care and shoes. Clothing items were housed in incorrect size category area.
Only one register was in operation with a very long line of frustrated shoppers. This seems to be the standard because I have seen and experienced the long wait while one cashier handles all purchasing customers on several occasions.
Although I had the original receipt, I had a tag that was not attached to the sneakers. At this point the cashier dialed for the manager to come to the front of the store. It took the manager a long time to arrive to the front. While we waited the cashier asked me to step aside so that she could take care of the other shoppers. I stepped to the side until the manager arrived.
Upon his arrival, I would have expected him to apologize for the delay but instead he was rude and seemed annoyed that I was doing a return. He looked at the sneakers and told me that those sneakers were not from his store because they did not have a price marking on the soles of the sneakers and the ticket was not attached. I told him that I had purchased two other pairs of shoes that did not have price markings and had been purchased under the same sales receipt. I offered to bring the two other pairs to his store as proof. He told me that no other TJ Maxx store would return them and that I should go back to where I purchased them to try and return them.
I asked for the email address for corporate headquarters and he stated that he didn't know and pointed to a board with a phone number near the registers. I stated that we should all do a conference call with a corporate representative on Monday. He said that he would be available only if I told the truth. When I asked what time would be convenient for the conference call he refused to answer. My request for a conference call was to allow a clarification of this situation and make sure that all stores follow the same procedures.
I proceeded to purchase two new dresses and upon completion by the cashier I asked the store manager to write his name on the back of the new receipt, at which point he scribbled an almost ineligible scribble and after asking was told that it read Wendell.
As I was leaving the store, the store manager Wendell followed me. Luckily for me, my husband was waiting for me inside our vehicle. When Wendell saw me get into my vehicle he proceeded to what I assumed was to intimate me by looking at the license plate of my vehicle.
All this array of unexpected treatment has shaken me to my core. I went into the Monroe NY store to do a simple return and because I had the original receipt, I would have expected a store employee to verify with a comparable store item if needed. The sneakers are clearly unworn, in perfect condition and were purchased at TJ Maxx.
Afterwards I proceeded to call the original store where I first incurred the purchase on 5/30 at the TJ Maxx store in Sandhill Plaza in Newtown CT at 8:34pm. I spoke with the manager a Ms. Eggerton who explained that they have Nautica sneakers and invited to come to her store to do the return. I related to Ms. Egerton what had transpired and she encouraged me to contact corporate headquarters and advised me that sneakers sometimes do not have markings at the bottom of the sole. Her demeanor was pleasant and professional, just what I expect form a TJ Maxx manager. She along has almost restored my faith in TJ Maxx.
I have been a TJ Maxx customer for many years and purchase over hundreds of dollars every month. For proof I will gladly provide my credit card number so that my purchasing history could be verified.
However after today, I will boycott the Monroe NY store and will not shop there again. I consider myself a moral human being and do not appreciate being treated like a criminal.


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      Jun 21, 2019

    The cashier should have had access to a handheld machine that was able to look up the numbers on the detached tag and match It to the Nautica shoes, if they did not match then she would call a coordinator who would try to fix the problem. Management should not have gotten involved that confuses me?

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