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A horrible nightmarish place to live. Found cockroaches in our new rental unit not even 24 hours after moving in. The rental agents are accomplished liars who will tell you anything to get you to sign a lease. They will tell you they've never had bugs and that the building is secure. The building was just the scene of a drive by shooting into a ground floor apartment. The doors are constantly jammed open and anyone can walk in. Cockroach infestation is so bad that they live between the walls and in the elevator shaft. This building would literally have to be burned down to get rid of the cockroach infestation. Both German and American cockroaches. The property management company will pretend they've never had a complaint about such a thing before and accuse you of causing the problem. It doesn't matter how many times you call the exterminators, how cautious you are about storing all of your food in plastic bins, the building is doomed. They will literally rent to anyone who has $800, they don't do last months deposit as most people don't stay that long anyway. The people who rent these units out and manage the property are horrible people and I hope karma comes back to them one day. Do not rent from this company they are liars and thieves.

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    Thank you for posting your concerns. Timbercreek takes the issue of cockroaches/pests and tenant safety extremely seriously. Please contact our Resident Relations Department at [email protected] with your unit number and contact information so that we can address this with you.

    Timbercreek Communities

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    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.


  • Pe
    PeaceOutLosers Jan 13, 2014

    Glad you read my review Timbercreek Property Management. We are thankfully long gone from your property management nightmare and have been telling all our friends never to rent from you. You post replies like this "pretending to care"; everyone who has lived here knows that your resident relations staff are also ### liars. Rude, racist and totally unhelpful. The mass cockroach sprays you do are useless. You use cheap uncertified exterminators who don't know what their doing, you could care less about eliminating the problem. Anyone who knowingly rents any unit in this building to anyone or even works for resident relations, their lying little buddies, deserve what karma brings them. Hope you can sleep at night knowing you ruin lives and make the lives of many disabled and poor people a horrible hell. Hope you get what you deserve. Anyone who wants proof these people are liars I have TONS, reply back with your email and I'll send you photos, rude emails from staff, email after email of us trying to get staff to fix maintenance problems in our old unit, them taking weeks to fix anything. I have lots of pictures of the safety and security problems in the building, even have emails from "resident relations" saying that they hired security guards which they certainly did not. Anyway PEACE out shithole place and sad loser property management high school graduates! If anyone wants more testimonials just google "2870 cedarwood bugs" or "2870 cedarwood cockroach" or reply back with your email. I would love to help anyone who is trapped in a lease with these ###s!

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  • Ti
    Timbercreek nightmare Apr 23, 2019

    @PeaceOutLosers Im living in timbercreek now and feel like im dying. How can i contact you

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  • Ni
    Nikkita Nov 07, 2014

    I agree Timbercreek is doomed. Ive been living here 2 months and already id rather jumpp off my 8th story balcony than live here.
    The whole building smells, the firealarms never stop going off and the rental office is a bunch of dumb blondes who have too much air in their heads to give a ###.
    If you have any advice on how to get out of here fast, please let me know.

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  • Di
    Dina84 Feb 13, 2015

    Bad community, timbercreek worst service worst manager no body care they lie, every time they said should write request we write no responding, I tell my freind and everyone read my review don t never ever rent or even think about it

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