Timbercreek Asset ManagementBad property management company


They make us live with cockroaches (which they don't tell you about when directly asked prior to moving in, rather they lie to you and tell you the place is clean), there is very little maintenance done (as a matter of fact there has been feces in the main lobby all day and no one has cleaned it up yet), our water gets shut off all the time (which considering a lot of people here have pets, that's not acceptable - I have to keep 2 jugs of water in my fridge at all times for the next time they decide to shut our water off again), and there are often times we don't even have hot water... hell, we don't even have proper heat in the building. Our rent is supposed to include everything but we are forced to freeze now that winter's coming along. Requested repairs are rarely completed (after 9 months and repeated requests my mailbox, which keeps getting broken into has still not been fixed or even addressed for that matter), calls and emails to the property manager and regional manager go unanswered. I'm at my wits end with this place and in contact with the Landlord and Tenants board to break my lease here. I just can't do it anymore.

We are all well aware of the crime rate in this area (which they can do nothing about), however, that doesn't mean they have the right to neglect their responsibilities as property owners either. Timbercreek is the very definition of a Slum-Lord. This place is completely unsafe with the garage doors open all the time so anybody can get in. The emergency staircase is an accident waiting to happen (we lost power once and I had to take the stairs only to find out there are no windows or emergency lights in the stairwells, luckily I had my phone to help me down otherwise I would have been treading along in pitch black). The grounds are completely disgusting, there are over flowing garbage cans that haven't been emptied for at least two weeks now, and are full of doggy poop bags.

And the staff, oh don't even get me started on them. I was once locked in the garage during a power outage for a few hours because everything is electric. When I called the building manager and asked him if there was a manual override on the garage doors, I was told no, so suck it up. Can we say major safety code violation?? On another occasion I was heading out to work one morning (at 5am) and there was a woman in the lobby crying. She was locked out of her apartment, so I graciously offered to call the building manager (who has the keys to unlock all the doors) and the response we got was "The office opens at 9am wait until then and ask them to do it". I couldn't believe it, I was so mad! The staff are all straight out of high school and like to chat on their cell phones with their friends while you're trying to talk to them about something. If they are not doing that, they are laughing at you for the problems you're trying to complain about. They don't pass along messages about work orders, they are extremely unprofessional, disorganized and irresponsible.

I could go on and on about this place (and so could many other residents living here I'm sure). This place (these property owners), they need to be exposed!

I will never, ever rent from this pathetic excuse for a property owner again!!!

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