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Tiktok review: Unfair deletion of account

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My name is @riatsunami on TIKTOK.

Lately I’ve been targeted and harassed and my account now is being threatened for deletion.

This is very much UNFAIR. Your customer support section — WORTHLESS

How does this video violate any community guidelines?!?! I am clearly eating a cookie, from a fast food restaurant.

I’m being threatened to get disabled, yet the sound clip I used is not apparently in violation?!

How am I not allowed to eat a food item on this platform? It’s in NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM, related to any drugs or controlled substances

I’m being targeted and harassed and you believe a video of me eating a KFC COOKIE IS DRUG RELATED? at this point you’re attacking me directly and discriminating against me personally. I will do everything possible to let the public know you’re targeting and discriminating based on your own opinion rather than clearly violating rules.

I will be contacting popular influencers AND news sources to let them know this constant attack from the company itself and I will make sure the public knows of your contradicting actions towards harmless users.

I would appreciate if you reinstate that video that is not violating any community guidelines. I will continue sending this email across all your servers until I get a response from a real person back.

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