Tiger Brandsbaby purity pouches

I bought baby food from Shoprite Golden Walk on Friday last week, to my dismay upon opening the purity, I noticed that I didn't have to squeeze the purity out, it just feel out like water. I opened another Packet and found black spots inside the purity.
I checked the expiry date and it says that it will expire on the 12 November 2020.
I spend almost R 1200 a month on purity only and this is the 1st time that I have experienced such nasty things in my babies food, I am really concerned that going forward I will not be able to trust that your products is 100 % safe for babies and that I will have to look for alternate ways to make food for my baby. I am extremely disappointed by this and hate to even think what would have happened if I was negligent and didn't check and just gave my baby this food. I need some feedback urgently on this matter as this affects both my child and many other children in this country that is eating this kind of baby food. I expect to hear back from you guys as a matter of urgency or else I will be forced to go public with this product that can make babies sick.

Oct 10, 2019

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