Tiger Brandsjungle oatso easy (tropical fruit flavour)

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Good day,

I opened this packet of Jungle Oatso easy on the 6th of June 2016 and the expiry date is on 28th July 2016 the batch number is 15209 and packed date is 1st April 2016. On opening the packet I found small beetles and worms in the cereal. This is not the first time this has happened, the previous time I was in a remote location and not able to submit a complaint. Please see the attached video clip.

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      Aug 28, 2018
    Tiger Brands - Beacon All Sorts Liquorice fruity flavors
    Cape Town
    South Africa

    I recently purchased a packet of Beacon all sorts fruity flavored liquorice without liquorice and it was not expired. The expiry date is 08/06/2019. I have the packaging and all the details. The taste was horrible as if though the combination was not right and the sweets were off. I have most of it still in the bag. It was disgusting

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      Oct 16, 2019
    Tiger Brands - Maynards jelly babies
    South Africa

    I bought a packet jelly babies and 80% of the packet was filled with yellow gums. This was a total waste as there was no variety. Please sort this out.

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      Nov 13, 2019
    Tiger Brands - Purity yourgut and mango, from 8 months
    South Africa

    Good day

    I recently bought purity at Shoprite in Savory. Today when i was feeding my daughter I got the shock of my life when a long hair was on the spoon with the food. I'm really angry cos i never thought I would find such thing on my baby's food. Now I just feel i just fed her dirt. This is really not acceptable.

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      Jan 07, 2020
    Tiger Brands - Jeyes fluid Toilet block
    South Africa

    I have bought a 2 pack toilet block. But it has been two days and since that i have put the first one in and it is basicly finish. It will become very expensive at R40. Every 4th day to be replacimg it. I just wat to color the water in the toilet so that no one can see the ugly bottom

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      Feb 06, 2020
    Tiger Brands - Beacon marshmallow eggs
    South Africa

    I bought a box of Beacon easter eggs at Checkers in Silver lakes, Pretoria East during the month of January 2020 and the taste is very different to the marshmallow eggs I'm used to. Not great at all. I'm very disappointed and will most probably not buy another box if this is what the beacon eggs will taste like going forward.

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      Feb 09, 2020
    Tiger Brands - Purity baby food
    South Africa

    I've used your products with all my kids and discovered for the first time that there was black bugs inside. This is disgusting and I'm utterly disappointed and angry. I had to take my baby to the doctor due to this. This is pathetic.
    How can you sell this and knowing it is for a baby. I am really disgusted. Please attend to this matter urgently.

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