Thrillplanet/1800SkyrideScam artists


After reading the litigation of the hundreds of people that "Thrill Planet" AKA 1800Skyride has scammed, I find it unbelievable that they are still in business. I have reported my incident to the BBB of Georgia and also the FTC, as well as reporting fraudulent charges to my credit card company. I purchased two hot air balloon tickets from this company. The tickets had no phone numbers, addresses, or names for the actual air balloon company that was providing the service. When we made our reservation MONTHS ago, we were assured we were all set. However, the provider of the service NEVER HEARD OF US and refused to honor our tickets. Big Surprise? It shouldn't have been. They have been allowed to scam hundreds of people and all of their employees in their "customer service" department just play along and pretend that someone will get back to you. I've got documented phone calls to Chris, Terrance, Monica, and Michael (supposedly their manager) who never returned ONE phone call after at least a dozen calls to them. Someone needs to step in and slap them with criminal charges, or this company will continue to lie/cheat/steal from other unsuspecting clients. And, the poor decent guy out there who really offers a reliable service will never be trusted because of SLIMEBALLS like this that get away with it!


  • Ja
    JA Oct 27, 2008

    Records indicate this customer's complaint was verified as legitimate, and was resolved by the company.

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