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Beware buying from Thrify Car Sales of Clearwater, Florida.
The vehicle we purchases was promised to be fixed of minor problems in a specified amount of time with no cost under dealer and automaker warranty.

The vehicle was worked on by their "master mechanic", and we picked the vehicle up noticing the same problems as before. We had to make another appointment, which Thrifty asked us to drop the vehicle off at a specied date. Thrifty then called me to inform me that the parts are no longer under warranty and the specified dealer warranty has expired. They could have their once again "master mechanic" fix the problems for $1800.00 plus labor.

Stay very clear of this Dealer and all who work there.


  • Lo
    Loidase Jun 22, 2016
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    When I first applied for a loan, they said yes and I would need about $2000.00 down payment. The day of my appointment I was told they where to busy to handle me that day. I was told I would get a phone call by the next Monday by noon. That never happen. Then today 06/24/10 after writing to the again, I got a phone call from Bo, telling me I heed a hugh amount of money to by the car. There had been price given on the car I was, and it was not what I was told. I did purchase a car from them 4 years ago, and at that time the people working there where very good, I can't say that now, and I would not say buy from them the way it is run.

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  • Sa
    sandra** Jun 22, 2016

    I received a phone call from Thrifty stating that i was pre approved for an auto loan, knowing that I don't have the greatest credit I wanted to make sure that they had what I already knew I would be approved for. They said everything I wanted to hear over the phone and acted as if they had my best interest at heart, so I made that very long trip to Clearwater, and it ended up in such a disaster. Thrifty car sales insulted my intellegence to the fullest! Not only did they not go with a good lending bank, they purposly tried to get me to finance with them at a horribly ridiculous APR, and even more ridiculous down payment! Then, to top it all off they sat me in one of their cubicles and talked to me like I was just a complete idiot. I will never return there, never rent a car from them, and EVERYONE I know, will know never to go to them!
    ***************************PLEASE BEWARE****************************************

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  • Sc
    scammed6 May 04, 2012

    I know that thrifty car sale from clearwater is a scam, their latest scam is sick. They sent people in naples and probably other citys...a letter or invite to come buy a car. On the front of the card it has a scratch off, three in a row, horizontally or vertically, diagonally and you win. Mine said $500 dollars in vertical row. I called the number this morning and it said your prize has been reserved. I went down to claim my $500 dollar prize and the sales associate said no, three in a row means you are entered in for a chance to win $25, 000 or $100 instant or three gold coins. I said, get the gold coins ready, because the other part of the scam is, you get a scratch card. On the scratch card you can only scratch six spots, if you get six gold pots in a row, you win the $25, 000, if not you get the gold coins. So the first place I scratched of course did not have a gold pot, so i lost already. But more than likely...they have no gold pots on the card or if they do, the odds of you picking the first spot and getting six are like a billion to one. And the $100 dollar instant win is a number on a paper at the table you are sitting on and you must match your number from the letter they sent the table number to win. So I came away with three bucks, gas money lol. This company is a traveling carnival and any one who buys a car with them is just going to be the next sucker. The people who like this company are probably the friends or family of the people who work for them or they are part of the company.

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  • 10
    100000 Dec 22, 2010

    1.i don't think it has anything to do with race. for the person above. i'm black myself. 2. i think its crazy that the people from the company are commenting on a blog. 3. my credit sucks because of my past and now that i'm in a better financial place i'm still paying for it. which is what led me to platinum auto finance and thrifty. i'm suppose to get a car this week. i prayed about it went there just like everyone else was told in the beginning that i didn't have to pick from them. now i'm told i can't and have to get from the lot. i found one i like wanted to speak with someone about the price. was told to wait. waited 45mins without any one approaching me from sales. then i was told to look online. found a reasonable price for the car i like. but the next day the price jump up. funny how its the same car i told them about. now let me explain. i had my doubts before i even searched for complaints on the web. those 45mins i waited i notice that every phone call i heard them make was exactly like the ones made to me and left on the phone. it was like watching a call center in action. the staff our a little rough. this place does not give me a good vibe. and i will not be getting a car from them. that $400-$500 for payment and insurance i was willing to pay a month i can save and pay off stuff and get new car by summer. screw them. in case someone has something negative to say about my post and think i'm influenced by the others . not true it's how i felt when i was there.

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  • Ro
    Ron and Veronica Vick Jul 19, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We were very happy with the service we received from Robert, Dan and Bo, they were very respectful and kind, and helped us obtain a new car that we badly needed, and worked with us in every way to make sure we were able to leave the dealership with the car. We are happy with the monthly payment, and they were very helpful as far as the down payment was concerned. We will recommend them to everyone who is in the market for a new vehicle.

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  • Tg
    tgurl Jan 29, 2010

    I definately will not be spending any money at Thrifty, and I don't recommend anyone spending their's there either. I understand that Thrifty is providing a service to those who have less than perfect credit, and I think it is awesome that they specialize in that, but there is a way that you should deal with people. I am a young african american college graduate who happens to be a female. Upon my SECOND visit there, I was completely ignored for over three hours. When I arrived, I was the only customer there. In the three hours I was there, more than three other customers came in and purchased vehicles(who shared none of my demographics), while I was left without an explanation of what was taking so long. When I finally talked to someone, it was the complete opposite of what I was told the previous day when I was there at the dealership. I was talked to as if I was less than human and just completely dumb. My money may not be gold plated, but it is green and spends just like the next person. I think they should definately take that into consideration the next time they treat someone like trash. Not to mention, I had already recruited about three other individuals who were in the car market and were looking to give Thrifty a try, but quickly advised against them purchasing from Thrifty. Hopes this helps detour someone from wasting their time like I did...

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  • Mo
    motherof3 Jul 11, 2009

    I myself had a great experience with Thrifty Car Sales. I had gone to dealership after dealership to try to get a car. Every other dealership told me I needed a co-signer or I would have to put down $5, 000 in order to get a car. I walked in to thrifty and had a car with in a few hours and they worked with me on my down payment and allowed me to make it in payments. I got a newer car than I thought I would be able to at a better price than I could have imagined. I took the car to a friend of mine to have it checked and it passed with flying colors.

    I have never been more pleased with a purchase I have made, and after dealing with all the other scummy dealerships around I was completely surprised to have such a great experience with Thrifty.

    Thank you Dan, I appreciate everything you did to help me and I will be back to see you again when I am ready to buy again.

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  • Je
    Jeremy Jun 17, 2009

    Thrifty car sales ?
    I've heard of the car rental business.
    This dealership sounds terrible. If the manager Dan has to defend himself on the pages above, can you imagine how he handles himself and his business in person.

    The best policy is to treat everyone equal and you would not have to defend your business and your work ethic.
    It will be hard to make your dealership worthy of customers after the bashing you have done to your patrons.
    Good luck Mr. Rasoi.

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  • Ri
    Rick Houston Jr. Jun 13, 2009

    There are more than five complaining. Have you visited other sites ?
    Jumping on the band wagon for deception is an easy way out for you.
    The people who you have deceived should sue you.
    Good luck to your business, you need GOD to Bless you for your morals.


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  • Da
    Dan Rasoi Jun 12, 2009

    I'm Dan Rasoi General Manager of Thrifty Car Sales I am here 6-7 Days a week. I do not remember the last time I spoke to a customer about a issue they had with their vehicle and refused to fix it. Anyone on this forum that has valid proof of any of the statments that they made of their vehicles breaking down and US refusing to repair them I will gladly pay for any exspense that you might have acquired. I make sure to the best of our knowledge that the vehicles leaving here are great cars. Occasionaly we sell [protected] cars AS-IS that are trade ins because it saves us a little instead of running at a auction. We sell those cars AS-IS for a reason!!

    The Funny thing about forum's is it only takes one person to complain to get everyone else to jump on the band wagon.

    I stand behind any vehicle I sell.

    I am all about doing what is right, but I can not please everyone. We have sold about 5, 000 vehicles since we opened and if only 5 people can find a reason to complain I think we are doing a great job.

    Good Luck to all of you

    God Bless

    Dan Rasoi

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  • Br
    Brad Jun 08, 2009

    I agree with Paul.
    Thank you for keeping me away from a bad choice.
    I read some horrible things in regards to service and warranty.

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  • Pa
    Paul Cummings Jun 07, 2009

    I will drive right by this dealership and owe my decision based on the readings from the comments on this page and the many others on different sites. I really appreciate everyone taking the time to warn people of this type of business. Thank you once again.


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  • Ti
    Tiffany Jun 06, 2009

    I agree...
    What this FLGIRL is saying is ridiculus.
    Why would you point out things about credit and call people names because of their credit history?
    The problem lies with Thrifty and not honoring warranties or promises made to the customers. Read the previous comments.
    This sounds like someone from Thrifty writing trying to hide the fact that there are so many consumers upset with their company.
    I know from reading all the complaints and there are plenty on other sites as well, that I would never give this business any money and I will tell all friends, family, business associates, and neighbors about the comments and the poor people abused by dishonesty.

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  • Th
    thedeal Jun 06, 2009

    30 day as-is warranty.

    Customer had a problem in the first 2 weeks.

    Contacted Thrify.

    Thrifty tricked customer into waiting until warranty expired before they could bring in the car.

    The end.

    All the blustering in the world trying to bury this fact doesn't change this fact.

    me personally, i'd have these guys in Small Claims for that $600+ bux, but alot of people aren't that smart.

    If anything, i'd love to see the guy having to explain his actions to a judge. Even if I didn't win (but believe me, I WOULD win)

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  • Fl
    flgirl Jun 06, 2009

    You people are rediculous, this is exactly what I mean in all my other responses. You are all angry because you either can't buy a car or you are mad cause you have never paid a bill in your life and expect more than you deserve. When you don't pay your bill, you have bad credit, you can not expect to get a brand new car with a full factory warranty. That is exactly why you call the infomercial hotline numbers at 3am and try to buy a car when they promise $88 down $88 a month. All of those are scams, and you all believe them and then get mad because you can't really get that brand new car, or get that super low interest rate. The interest rates are not decided by the dealership, they are decided by the bank, so you can not blame the dealership. When you have bad credit and the dealership sends your app to the banks, the banks tell the dealership what you can buy, and how much they will allow you to finance, so again that is not on the dealership if you can not get a brand new car. The thing is with used cars, they are exactly that, USED CARS, no one knows exactly what the cars have been throughm no one knows how the orevious owners took car of their car. When you buy a home and it has problems, who is responsible for those problems, YOU ARE, you can't expect the previous owner or the real estate agent to cover the costs of anything you need to fix. GET REAL. Thrifty has some of the best and nicest used cars you people with bad credit deserve or can dream of getting. You can not rag on a dealership because they are not willing to stick their necks out for you and loan you money when you have a proven track record of not paying anyone. Br fair and get real. Thrifty is great dealership, Dan and Bo are great guys, they just get sick of dealing with you people that think they owe you something, and come in there with the worst attitude. I would throw you out too if you came in my place of business acting that way, making a fool out of yourselves, and acting like I am only here to serve you. It is a business, that is their livelyhood, and they would not have been around this long if they were as bad as you all say they are. Look at the DMV reports and see for yourself, they are the only dealership in town still selling enough to stay in business.

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  • Co
    Connie Jun 03, 2009

    Thrifty Car Sales is a dealership that deserves to be sent to the better business bureau for dishonesty, lemon vehicles, and poorly managed business practices. Thrifty will sell you vehicles that they know are in beyond repair condition and doctor the vehicle up to drive for a week.
    When they call you, ask if Bo or Dan will make you false promises, increase the price, not honor the warranty, and pretend they are true business men and loyal to the customers of the community. I hope they tell you yes, because you will be taken like everyone else that has been scammed by thesE vultures and horrible men.

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  • Je
    Jennifer May 20, 2009

    This company plays on the fact that their customer has bad credit or no credit and has no other choice. I don't think they even look under the hoods of these car before selling them.

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  • Re
    Regina May 19, 2009

    Horrible dealership.
    Horrible people.
    I can't believe people still purchase from such scam artists.

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  • Mi
    Michael May 15, 2009

    I purchased a vehicle from Thrifty for my daughters 16th birthday. My credit is poor and I heard that this dealership helps with this situation. The car purchased had a 30 day or 3000 mile warranty from Thrifty and not the vehicle. Approximately one week after purchase, the cars transmission started acting strange along with the front axle. I called Thrifty, spoke to " Bo " and he had me make an appointment. They couldn't get us in for a week and half due to their mechanics being " booked". We finally got in and they informed us of tightening this and they did this and this and added a bracket. We picked the vehicle up and two days later the same problems started again. I took the vehicke to another mechanic who told me that whoever worked on the vehicle fixed the vehicle for short driving and should have ordered new parts and a brand new transmission. Thrifty denied the allegation and told me that the car is no longer under warranty. This is a really bad set of folks and the manager"Bo" is a down right liar. Please take my warning and do not buy from this place.

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  • Ch
    Charlie May 12, 2009

    Thrifty Car Sales in Clearwater also did the same thing to my neighbor.
    He awaited word on appointment, they kept telling him that they were booked up. He kept calling and calling until they told him that his car was past his 30 day warranty and they could not help him.
    I hope everyone takes warning and avoids this place and takes their money and business elsewhere.

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  • To
    Tony May 10, 2009

    Totally agree.
    The Manager"Bo" or whatever name he uses, I have spoken to him and he uses different ones on different days, will rush your loan, make promises upon promises, and never follow up.
    He is never to be reached by phone, but always there.
    Please do not make the mistake I did.
    Stay away from Thrifty and the family that runs it. Give a reputable dealership the money and you will not be taken advantage of as I have.

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  • To
    Tony May 10, 2009

    I have heard nasty things regarding this rip off dealership.
    Friends of mine purchased a vehicle and the dealership did everything they could to avoid the problems of their vehicle until the expiration of warranty and then wanted to fix for money.
    I hope all who is reading this will tell their friends and neighbors and put this horriblecompany out of business and then the managers and owners can think of all the scams they did to their customers. It will all come back around and I hope I can see it. These are bad people who hurt good people with dishonesty.

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