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11/14/17 a bag of apples were brought into the store located on Dewey Ave, Rochester, NY to be packed and shipped to Texas. When I called inquiring of this service on Monday I was assured that they do this often so I took their word that they knew what they were doing. The package arrived on time but the condition was horrible! They person took the bag of apples, placed them inside a box and wrapped bubble wrap around the bag. Needless to say many of the apples were bruised or mush! I'm very surprised that the apples were not individually wrapped to minimize bruising. Needless to say I will NOT bring anything to that store again for packaging, I will pack myself and mail.
My shipment ID# MM2DCUX7YFYP5 tracking # 1Z970BX01201317132 I have attached copies of my receipts for reference.
I feel a refund would be in order as the contents were not packaged professionally to keep from being damaged.

The UPS Store
The UPS Store

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