The UPS Storedefrauding the customer/misrepresentation the price to canada

B Sep 23, 2019

I went to this store on Sat to ship some refurbished hard drives and enclosures to my sister in Canada. The UPS store person who was not friendly at all said these items will be $230.00 plus the cost of box and others. I agreed.

He got my information and then showed me an invoice for the custom for $750.00 I said I do not want them to get charged in Canada and plus these items are not even worth $30.00 He kept saying that not to worry and this is internal document and Canadian custom do not see that. Again, I requested him to change the price on these items and he mentioned that UPS computer is putting these numbers and it is not his fault. I felt there is some Strange about this person and I said that he does not listen to customer and very rude. He requested me to leave the store and threatened to call the Police. I said I will talk to your manager and left the store.

I took the same items and went to another store in (#1151) which cost me $45.00 This was a big rip off that I was able to cancel in Santa Clarita. This store should be investigated for defrauding customers.

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