The Pep Boysemployee

Th Oct 01, 2019

Hi my name is thi nguyen, I am with flex drive I came to this location for service I was there when they open n waited almost four hours, jus to get service that I didn't get due to poor internet which they was to use to authorize my vehicle due the program ari, I asked a lady in the front desk that work there in the morning heavy set, african american lady how long more I would have to work she had a nasty attitude towards me and a few other customer that was there to get work done on their car and told me maybe few time I came to asked within the four hours she said the internet down and any way we don't have the part for the car that I would have to wait there for them to get the part from a dealer it wasn't bout the time I waited but it's how she was with me in front of suppose to be in charged manger kevin who seen all this happening I asked him so it's ok for her to speak to the customer like this he said he cnt really say nothing but report it to the person. Who's in charged but that person not there. Yet I jus want it to come in to light for this behavior with this woman attitude it's nasty should no way she should work on the front service with her being disrespectful to the customer to where they cnt take their car there and drive 8 mile some where for a better service at that kevin spoke to me and asked me to come back the next day I picked a time in the morning it was confirmed in front of that lady the man than came n chase me outside to tell me to come at a later time because I guess she didn't wanna deal with me the next morning this have to be taken care of not jus with me but i'm speakin for other people who also spoken to me about her I know for sure that it's not jus with me the picture I sent below is the pep boys I have to go to in new jersey to get my service done

The Pep Boys

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