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C Oct 13, 2019

Date: 11.10.2019, 12.00pm
From: Boon Lay Shopping Mall To: TBS, Malaysia
Ticket Number: XZ7PBTN1
Seat No: 6A, 6B, 6C
Coach Number: AKP1966 -> AKM8366 (Combine bus in Singapore area) -> AKJ966 (Transfer at Malaysia Custom)
Price: SGD 75
Incident: We bought 3 bus tickets at time stated above for parents and myself & we expects to have a pleasant tour back to Malaysia, however experience that we had is very disappointed and not happy.
At first we aboard at AKP1966 in Boon Lay shopping mall, we has been told by front desk that this bus will transfer twice; 1st time transfer at Singapore area to bus AKM8366 due to combine 2 buses passengers, this is fine as we can understand from bus company standpoint is to save cost to get all passengers in a bus & bus driver for this transfer is helpful, he willing to load & arrange luggage for passengers in the luggage compartments.
After passed Malaysia Custom, again we need to transfer to AKJ966, this is 2nd time transfer, this is why I would like to log a complaint to this bus company, this bus driver for AKJ966 is super rude, he is an Indian guy as shown in picture attached below! This driver is not considerate, no patience & very rude along the journey, we had an unpleasant journey due to the service he provided.
For this 2nd time transfer in Malaysia Custom, this India driver only open one of the bus luggage door, it is obviously the only 1 luggage compartments cannot fit all the passengers luggage, while the rest of the passengers waiting myself to arrange the luggage, he is not willing to arrange the luggage nor open another side of luggage door for us to put in our luggage. He is just standing there with the black face and letting us arranging luggage.
He even shouted on my parents that going to step in to the bus and asked for check on tickets number while I am busy arranging luggage in the luggage compartments. His super rude tone to my parents and the rest of the passengers make me feels irritating & not happy with the service he provided.
Along the journey, he supposed to stop in the rest station somewhere in Yong Peng to allow passengers for a toilet break & short lunch session. About the time to move, he is counting the passengers and going to move on the journey, he found one of the passenger is still in the toilet, he is shouting to the passenger's partner "Bodoh, sudah bagi 30 mins pergi tandas, mengapa sekarang baru pergi!" Translated to English is "Stupid, already given 30 mins to let you go toilet, why now still go in toilet!" Is this kind of service we should get as a passenger? Are your driver qualified to be a profession bus driver with this kind of behavior? How can you shout on your customer & named them "Stupid"?
I am writing this complaint log and hopefully your bus company can well train your bus driver and provide professional service to your customer. Please remember that One bad apple can spoil the bunch, this kind of driver with rude behavior can really spoil the reputation of your company. I wish you can read through my feedback and do something to improve the quality of your driver. I am an usual customer of your company, this is the first time we experienced this unpleasant journey, hopefully you can really do something to keep your customer satisfaction at all time. Thanks.

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    Here is the photo of the Indian Driver of bus AKJ966!

    the bus driver is very rude, no patience & no manners!
    the bus driver is very rude, no patience & no manners!
    the bus driver is very rude, no patience & no manners!

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