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Due to the economy and Lakeside's great prices, I placed an order online on 11/18 for many of my family's Christmas gifts. It is 12/1/08 and I have yet to receive any of my items.

When I placed the order all items showed as "in stock" and in checking on the status online several times a week since ordering, items have been put on backorder through 12/15 and two items were cancelled!! All of this occurred without any communication from Lakeside. As for the items that are ready to ship - they will not be released until ALL items are ready to ship!! As you can imagine I am quite stressed that none of my items will arrive in time for Christmas.

To try to call their customer service you can be guaranteed a busy signal or, if you do get through, at least a 13 minute wait to speak to an actual person. Take note - they operate on CST and although they claim to be open through 4pm CST, you will have a hard time reaching anyone up to that hour. So, if you go the alternative route and contact them via email online regarding your order do not expect a response for minimally 2 business days and pray they actually address the issue at hand. Unfortunately in my case, the response I got back was so very boiler-plate and non-related to the specificness of my case that it was unhelpful and did not provide resolution.

In closing, best of luck if you intend to order from Lakeside. If you do, make sure it's nothing you need immediately or for anything as serious as an upcoming holiday. If so, make sure to order MONTHS in advance, because as you can see here even 37 days ahead of time is apparently not enough for them to seal the deal.


  • Al
    Alice Dec 02, 2008

    I am currently experiencing the same problems as crustybagel. I ordered from their catalog and have had no response or indication of the status for my order. The phone number on the website is always busy (do they have one line, with one representative?). Stay away from this business, they apparently have no understanding of customer service, or perhaps it is not a priority for them.

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  • An
    AndreaLB Nov 17, 2009

    Okay, we are on the phone with them right now, it has been an hour and twenty minutes already and still no supervisor. My mother ordered through the mail on October 8, 2009 and when November 3th came around and the order still had not arrived, she called them. They informed her that her order had not been shipped because she had not sent enough money (M/O) to cover the full amount. After further investigation, it was determined that a representive entered her order wrong, 15 jackets instead of 2 (yes, bizzarr) and that she did indeed send enough money to cover the order. The rep. told her that she would cancel that order, enter a new order with the proper quanities and that she would receive her order within 10-14 days. Well, like I said we are on the phone now. We were told that my mother canceled her order an requested a refund and that the check was mailed out on November 4, 2009. WRONG!!! She never requested a refund, on that the proper order be entered and sent out. ADDITIONALLY, we NEVER received the refund check. DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY. Their customer service is sub-par, their reps just about call me a lier and I think someone in that company is manipulating the mail orders for their own profit. Still no answer!

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  • Ma
    marthamom Dec 09, 2009

    I just received a damaged item from Lakeside Collection (12/09). I called their Customer Service line to ask for a pre-paid return shipping label and got an automated message that stated I had at least a 30-minute wait time. OMG! It was a long-distance call (cannot imagine why they don't have a 1800 number). So, I called back and made menu selections on their automated phone system like I wanted to make an order (while the automated message is playing, just keep pressing zero). Sure enough, I got through right away to a live person. She was very helpful and offered the pre-paid return shipping label, but said the product was sold out and could not be replaced. BTW- the reason the product was damaged was because it was shipped in a big box with no shipping peanuts or any other type of packing material. It just banged around inside the big box. Hmmmm... I don't think I will use this company anymore.

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  • Me
    Melissa M Dec 09, 2009

    Dear marthamom,

    On behalf of The Lakeside Collection, I would like to apologize for the manner in which you received your package and for our hold times. Being so close to the holidays, our wait and response times have been delayed and we sincerely apologize for that.

    I am happy to hear that you were able to get in contact with someone with regards to getting a pre-paid return label sent to return the damaged merchandise. We take our customer’s feedback very seriously as it helps us improve the way we serve our customers. Please contact me directly so that I can further look into this matter at [email protected]

    I hope you will reconsider and give us another chance.


    Melissa Martinez
    Customer Care Specialist
    The Lakeside Collection

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  • Mo
    momof2boyz Jun 09, 2010

    I was browsing thru the Lakeside Collection online catalogue and found a 4 tier mirrored curio cabinet that would look great in my living room, without hesitation and not knowing about this site, I placed the cabinet in the shopping bag along with one other item and proceeded to the checkout. It never once said this item was out of stock or backordered, so I did the complete checkout and received the email confirmation. All fine right? Nope, didnt hear anything else from them, just happen to log onto my account and check my order status and the curio cabinet said cancelled. I didnt even receive an email from them or anything to let me know that. And they have also deducted the money for both items from my account, and the message on the curio cabinet now says will ship when available. How long is that? Why wasnt there a message on there to begin with saying it was unavailable? Why wasnt I sent an email or a phone call to let me know this? Now I have to fight to get my money back and cancel the order. This is my first and last order for them. If you do order from the Lakeside Collection, call and place your order so if you can see if the items are available or not before you pay.

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  • Mo
    momof2boyz Jun 09, 2010

    I'm not sure who your are responding to but my order was placed recently in May 2010, not anywhere near Christmas time. But, they still need to advise on their website if the product is out of stock or backordered no matter when you order it.

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  • Mo
    momof2boyz Jun 09, 2010

    Hmm, well Lakeside Collection does not have a store, its a mail order catalogue that you can also order thru their website. And according to your 409 comments on this website you have done a little of every job imaginable. Maybe try getting a real job instead of commenting on peoples posts all day. For me, I am off to work at my real job at a hospital. Good day!

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  • Kr
    Kristy Gomez Jun 10, 2010

    Hello momof2boyz,

    On behalf of The Lakeside Collection, I am very sorry that your first experience with us has been less than favorable. :( I also would like to apologize for the different information you saw after your order was placed.

    You will be very happy to know that we are currently working very hard to make changes on our website to give customers item availability online up front. Please look for this feature to be implemented within the next few months!

    We truly regret to have disappointed you and thank you deeply for your interest in one of our most popular items, the 4 – Tier Mirrored Curio Cabinet. I believe I have some great news for you concerning this item. :) Please contact me directly at [email protected] with your daytime contact and account information, so that I may further assist you with your interest in this product.

    Lastly, please know that we would never expect you to pay for an item(s), which was cancelled.

    Most sincerely

    Kristy Gomez
    eCommerce Customer Support Specialist
    The Lakeside Collection

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