The Honey Baked Ham Companythe picnic promotion lb. turkey lb. ham inside a dozen hawaiian rolls

A Jul 14, 2019

I purchased the picnic pack yesterday in ohio .i thought what a great deal i was prepared to have a great meal with the family.only to be
disappointed with not only the quality but the quantity. I have purchased pounds of your meat before so i know what a pound is supposed to feel like .my son went inside or I would have complaint than and requested packs that were a actually a full pound. The meat looked old and eaten dried out like it had been sitting overnight.the only good think out the whole meal was the rolls .the chicken salad was hard and flavor less. My son I sent back in for sauce they handed him to little cups of sauce instead of the usual packets .i was so disappointed in my picnic
meal i lost twenty dollars and my appetite for honey bake ham again.

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