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I have been watching Hallmark Christmas movies on cable since both channels began showing them. Before then, I waited patiently for the couple of Hallmark Hall of Fame specials annually on regular television. I do have a couple of comments I would like to share about diversity.

First, I agree with previous comments about the program scheduling. There are too many repeats of newly released movies and less and less viewings of older favorites (and the early a.m. viewings do not count). Let's mix it up a little more evenly, please.

Next, all the movies are uplifting, filled with joy and hope; but I wonder and worry about the people who do not have that special person or family with whom to share during the holidays. Most of the movies I have seen this year end with couples finding each other, which is wonderful for some, but can be very painful for others. The joy of Christmas is not just about romance, it is about giving and loving selflessly to all living creatures. What happened to "A Dog Named Christmas" and "November Christmas" and all the other holiday movies that do not specifically focus on romance?

And finally, white people are not the only folks who celebrate Christmas! What about the sharing of traditions of Christmas celebrated by other American cultures? In these turbulent and divisive times, isn't welcoming and embracing our Christian diversity the ultimate Christmas gift we could give to and receive from each other?

Thank you and Merry Christmas everyone!


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      Dec 03, 2017

    I have wondered for quite a while why couples of other nationalities, etc., are not the main characters for the Hallmark movies. Diversity in that area would be welcomed.
    I am Caucasian and would appreciate the change mentioned above.

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  • C
      Oct 08, 2018

    I too enjoy some of the programming but there is little to no racial diversity in its casting and themes outside of romance anymore.

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